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25 Apr 2022
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Sport Fishing

If you’re an offshore angler looking for billfish, chances are Central America is on your bucket list. From Mexico to Panama billfish run rampant in the warm tropical waters of the Pacific. With so many amazing places to go fishing throughout Central America, Costa Rica is proud to be known as “The Billfish Capital of the World” thanks to the incredible year round action for both sailfish and marlin.

Every year thousands of anglers from around the world come to Costa Rica to have the thrill and experience of hooking one of these beautiful creatures from the deep sea. Costa Rica is fortunate to have two billfish seasons.  From November to April, the fishing peaks throughout the central and southern regions and from May to December, you can find the anglers heading up north to find the action. 

While there are many beautiful fish swimming throughout the Costa Rican waters, anglers typically come to Costa Rica in search of Sailfish and Marlin.

Sailfish: The Fastest Fish in the Sea

Sailfish can be caught all year round off the entire Pacific coast of Costa Rica, though the peak Sailfish season is between January and April which is when you can find some of the top anglers fishing in two of the world’s most prestigious international billfish tournaments right here in Costa Rica, including the Triple Crown Signature Series hosted right here in Los Sueños Resort and Marina.

Sailfish can weigh anywhere from 80 to 150 lbs and usually anywhere between 12 and 30 miles from the shore, which is enticing for many not looking to waste time traveling instead of fishing. Known for their incredible speed, Sailfish can reach up to 68 mph!

Important to note, by law, Sailfish are a catch and release only species. 

Marlin: Blue and Black and Striped, Oh My!

Every angler's dream is to battle the majestic Marlin, originally made famous by Ernest Hemmingway. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a massive marlin flying through the air behind your boat and to feel their pure strength once they're on the line.  They are among the fastest and most aggressive fish in the ocean, weighing in on average at 300 pounds!

Blue, Black and Striped Marlin can all be found off of Costa Rica’s pacific coast. Blue marlin tend to be more prevalent in central pacific waters near Los Sueños, as opposed to the illusive black and striped marlin, and while they can be caught all year long, their peak months run from November to April along the central pacific coast. After April they tend to move up the coast and can be found off the coast of Tamarindo.

Fishing in Los Sueños Resort and Marina: Hook, Line and Sinker

Often called the world’s number one Billfishery, for many years Los Suenos Resort and Marina has been dubbed one of the world’s best-known charter sportfishing marinas. The waters of Costa Rica are teeming with big game and in as little as 30 minutes off shore, you will find some of the most prolific sport fishing in the world. Home to the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown, there is no shortage of experienced international-class tournament captains that know how to make any charter from Los Sueños a memorable one.

We invite you to come on down and see for yourself! Contact us today!