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21 Apr 2022
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Fishing Reports

The final leg of the Signature Series Triple Crown wrapped up on April 2nd and as always emotions ran high. It was an exciting tournament all around and Leg Three was no exception.

Ladies Only Tournament

Leg three kicked off with the Ladies Only tournament. There were many fish to be had all around.

Starting off the day, Team Dragin Fly reeled in 6 sailfish and a marlin to add another 1100 points to their score. Just behind them, team Miss Behavin released 5 sailfish and a marlin. Team Max Bet released 2 marlin and a sailfish for a total of 1400 points on the final day. Closing it out, Team Sea Angel on Rum Runner released 4 marlin and 4 sailfish for a total of 2400 points securing their win for Leg Three.

Overall, for the tournament, Team Billfish released 25 billfish for a 3rd place finish. Team Eight Eighths released 25 billfish over the series, including 6 marlin, to finish the tournament in 2nd place overall. 

With an impressive 7400 points, Team Fish Tank took the number one spot for the Ladies Only Championship, reeling in 14 marlin and 4 sailfish.

Day One: Leg 3

After the Ladies Only Tournament finished up, everyone moved on to Day One of Leg Three of the Signature Series.

Miss AC released 11 sailfish and 1 marlin, securing a 4th place finish on Day One. Seafix finished a bit frustrated in 3rd place after losing an important blue marlin bite, but they managed to still bring in 2 marlin and 9 sailfish throughout the day. Team Vaquero pulled into the docks in 2nd place at the end of Day One, pulling in 11 billfish in total for the day. Billfisher caught every marlin they saw and it paid off dropping 3400 points overall on the scoreboard on Day One with 4 marlin.

2022 Triple Crown Leg III Day One Scores

Billfisher 3400 points

Max Bet 3400 points

Team Galati 2900 points

Miss AC 2800 points

Rum Runner 2700 points

Dealers Choice 2500 points

Day Two: Leg 3

Setting out on Day Two, Team Galati started out the day with two triple sailfish bites which pushed them forward towards the Championship for a Day Two total of 13 sailfish. Max Bet’s 2 marlin and 9 sailfish moved them into 2nd place just behind team Billfisher.

Day Three: Leg 3

With an exciting end to Day Two, it’s anyone's game as Day Three kicks off. Max Bet ended the day with a last minute marlin making it a total of 4 for the day, to climb up the board and win Leg Three of the series. Team Galati released 2 marlin and a whopping 32 sailfish, the most sailfish for Leg Three, to edge out Fish Tank and claim their 2nd place win.

2022 Triple Crown Leg III Final Scores

Max Bet 5700 points

Team Galati 4300 points

Fish Tank 4300 points

Tarheel 4300 points

Grand Slam 4200 points 

Miss AC 4000 points

Overall Signature Triple Crown Series Final Scores

Rum Runner 14100 points

Max Bet 14100 points 

Vaquero 13500 points 

Billfisher 13100 points

Miss AC 12600 points

Team Galati 12000 points

See You Next Time!

The 2022 series released a total of 614 sailfish and 79 marlin. It was a success by all involved and everyone can’t wait to see what next year brings!

January, LEG 1: Ladies Only 17th, Triple Crown 18-21

February, LEG 2, Ladies Only 21st, Triple Crown 22-25

March, LEG 3: Ladies Only 21st, Triple Crown 22-25