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Here’s what you need to know about Jaco Beach: After a long day at the beach or after enjoying one of the many adventures that can be arranged during your Los Sueños trip in Costa Rica, visitors from all over the world converge upon Jaco Beach. You have to keep in mind that this is a beach town where locals have renamed one of its districts “Barrio Ricos y Famosos,” which translates into “Neighborhood of the Rich and Famous.” Many celebrities who come to Costa Rica for vacation are known to stay at Los Sueños and later hit the clubs, bars, pubs, and casinos that make Jaco Beach a place worthy of its very own Travel Channel segment.

Nightlife Options in Jaco Beach

Here is some general information about various Jaco Beach fun spots to visit at night. You should check with your Los Sueños vacation consultant or concierge about making arrangements to visit these places and to learn if they offer the ambiance you are looking for:

Los Amigos

This is a good place if you prefer a casual atmosphere combined with All-American bar food prepared with gourmet touches. This is an air-conditioned establishment with large LCD screens that evokes a sports bar ambiance. The outdoor seating area is very popular, and the nighttime crowd tends to be very attractive.

Croc’s Resort and Casino

The gambling experience at Croc’s is like a friendly version of Las Vegas right on the beach. The bars and lounges offer a nice variety of domestic and imported beers and liquors, and you are free to play with your American dollars at the tables and slot machines.

Le Loft

As close as you will get to the South Beach experience, and it may seem a bit tricky to get in unless you are a resident of the aforementioned Neighborhood of the Rich and Famous; however, many tourists are able to bypass the VIP list. The music played by resident and guest DJs includes hip-hop, trance, new house, classic techno, groove, chill-out, and even dubstep

Señor Harry’s

This American-style casual dining restaurant is open until 10:00 pm and is known for its generous and delicious cocktails as well as for its Tex-Mex cuisine. Many people load up on margaritas at Señor Harry’s before heading out for a night on the Jaco Beach strip.

Orange Pub

Locals still call this place “Tabacón” because this is an endearing aspect of life in Jaco Beach and across Costa Rica: an establishment will retain its original name for decades even after changing multiple times over the years. Couples and groups of friends flock to this place to catch live performances from the lively modern rock scene in the Central Valley.

Graffiti Restro Café and Wine Bar

As one of the hippest restaurants in Jaco Beach and Puntarenas, getting a dinner reservation at Graffiti Restro Café and Wine Bar is not always easy, but it is certainly worth it. The atmosphere is lively and the menu will change unexpectedly, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the high level of cuisine that is served in this offbeat restaurant. The wine menu is diverse, and the prices are very reasonable.

Green Room Cafe  

The Green Room Café offers the perfect combination of elements for a fun night in Jaco; great food, art and live music set the tone in this space that was created with the purpose of entertaining and offering clients a memorable experience. The minute you walk in, you are surrounded by good vibes, a bohemian atmosphere that is set by the many artists that have made of the Green Room their own creative hub. Local bands showcase their talent on stage while clients enjoy a variety of delicious dishes and craft beers, original artwork hangs from the walls hoping to inspire and seeking admiration. The Green Room is the perfect spot to hang out in a beach town that is the definition of Pura Vida living.

Jaco Walk

The first stage of this mixed-use development was inaugurated back in March 2017 and includes an array of commercial options, bank, pharmacy, restaurants, bars, fitness center, dental and medical services, among others. Open-air shopping and an ecological trail make Jaco Walk a very pleasant place to spend a fun evening on the town. The project has two more stages upcoming, one which will include a 56-room boutique hotel and the last one will feature a beach club, residential area and 120-room hotel.