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Helicopter Transfers

Save time and travel with more comfort. It’s only a 20-minute heli ride from Los Sueños Resort to the San Jose airport. You can also adventure and go for a tour to see the diverse nature and volcanos on a private tour. Our private helicopter charters offer a level of flexibility not found with fixed-wing aircraft. The advantages of flying point-to-point are often invaluable, with service to remote locations and increasing time on the ground. Cabins frequently offer club seating, providing exceptional comfort. HRG Properties & Rentals offers service on the following helicopters: 

  • Bell 206 L4 Helicopter for 6 passengers landing/departing in/from Los Sueños Resort & Marina.
  • AIRBUS  EC130 for 6  passengers landing/departing in/from Punta Bocana.
  • Robinson R66 Helicopter for 4 passengers landing/departing in/from Punta Bocana.
  • Robinson R44 Helicopter for 3 passengers landing/departing in/from Punta Bocana


Luxury Transportation

We think it’s nice to be able to come off of a long flight and just leave the luggage handling, driving, and navigation to someone else. When you exit the airport, you’ll find a dedicated, local driver waiting for you; he will take your bags, show you to your car and let you just sit back and enjoy the ride. 


Personal Driver

You can drive yourself but why bother when a dedicated driver frees up some time and eliminates any frustrations your trip might present!  No worries about the route, the traffic, restaurant options, otherwise unknown sight-seeing ops, parking the car, or getting back safely. Hiring a driver is all about flexibility and insider knowledge, as well as maximizing your experience during your stay in Costa Rica. Available 12 hours per day, every day of your stay, your personal driver is available to transport you to tours and adventures, sightseeing, evenings out, or wherever else you want to go. 


Private Tours

Although we find our public tours to be a great way to meet new people who share a common interest, there are many advantages to a private tour. In addition to choosing days and times that fit their schedule, guests can enjoy the freedom to customize tour itineraries and the services of a dedicated tour guide.