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Passport, Money, & Valuables

We recommend that you get a photocopy of your passport before leaving the country.  Place it along with your valuables, extra cash, and an extra credit card in the safe located in each condo/house. You can use a copy of your passport and/or driver’s license in case there is any need for identification.

How far away from the airport is the resort?

The resort is about an hour and fifteen minutes from Juan Santamaria International Airport. If you are driving, we will send you directions.  You can also search for HRG Vacation in Waze or Maps.

Where is the nearest ATM?

There is an ATM machine located at the airport when you arrive. At the resort, you will see 2 options, 1 is a Scotia Bank and the other is Banco Promerica.  Both located in the Marina Village. U.S. dollars and local currency (colones) are widely accepted everywhere and both can be taken out at any ATM. There is also an ATM at the supermarket Auto Mercado, located just outside Los Sueños Resort in the Herradura shopping center.

Where can I get groceries?

The closest grocery store is called Auto Mercado and is a 2-minute taxi drive from Los Sueños. We recommend you stock the condo/house with groceries prior to your arrival. Just send us your list and we will do the shopping for you. Within Los Sueños Marina Village there is a liquor store called Los Sueños Wine & Spirit’s and can be reached at 2630-4222 and a small gourmet grocery store called Jimmy T’s Provisions and can be reached at 2637-8636. Delivery service is available for both. 

How do we get around the resort?

The best way to get around the resort is via a golf cart.  You can rent a 4 or 6-seater golf cart. You can also rent a car and have it delivered to your condo/house. Contact us for prices.

Can we drink the water?

Yes, the water is potable and safe to drink at the resort.

Does the condo/house come with any amenities?

Yes, we provide shampoo, conditioner, soap, dishwasher soap, toilet paper, and paper towels.

How does the Marriott work? Do we have access?

There is a Marriott Hotel at the resort but Los Suenos is not a Marriott resort. In order to use their pool service, there is a cost. Please contact us for prices. 

What is the Beach Club?

The Beach Club is offered to all those clients staying in the condos and houses. You will receive one pass per unit to enter so please always have it with you.

The Beach Club is open from 8 AM – 10 PM depending on the time of the year. It offers a swim-up bar, restaurant, large pool, Jacuzzi, playground for children, white sand beach. The wet bar and Al Fresco restaurant are open from 11 AM – 7 PM for food and drinks. You will need to bring your own towels and you can also bring in your own food and beverages if you prefer. 

Is there a clinic on-site?

Yes, is located just to the right of the main entrance to Los Sueños.

Is there a gym at the resort?

There are gyms available in Del Mar, Veranda, Colina and Terrazas de Marbella.  Otherwise, there is a gym at the Sibo Spa within the Marriott Hotel. Contact us for prices. 

Is there tennis available at the resort?

There are tennis courts operated by the Sibo Spa within the Marriott Hotel. Contact us for prices. 

Is there a kid’s club at the resort?

Yes, there is a kid’s club at the Marriott hotel open from 10 am – 4 pm. Contact us for prices. 

Is there golf on the resort?

There is an 18-hole golf course on the resort. We are happy to make tee time reservations for you, contact us for prices. 

Are there any casinos in the area?

There are various casinos, all located in Jaco (about a 10-minute taxi drive from the resort). The options are the Hotel Cocal, Hotel Amapola and Croc’s Casino.

Where can we get breakfast at the resort?

Within The Marina Village, Dolce Vita offers coffee and pastries and opens daily at 6 AM. The Hook up Bar and Restaurant also offers American Breakfast.

Within the Marriott Hotel, Hacienda Kitchen offers a breakfast buffet from 6 AM- 11 AM. La Casa del Café is also a small coffee shop that offers a large variety of dishes.  Contact us for prices. 


You will need to contact your cell provider and let them know you will be traveling to Costa Rica in Central America and to activate the international plan so you can call from Costa Rica to the states.  All of the condos and homes have wifi so you can hook up to the internet for email or net phones. We suggest that you shut off data roaming once you arrive, it is very expensive to receive emails from the local phone company.  Our transportation from the airport all have wifi, so as soon as you have arrived you can let your friends and family know.

Likewise, if you have an unlocked or “global-ready” iPhone or other smartphones, you can buy a local SIM card at the kiosk in the airport. For about $20, you’ll have all the data you need for local calls, Internet use, applications like Waze and Instagram, and even long-distance calls back to the States (dial 00-1 + your number).

How is the weather?

We have two seasons in Costa Rica: Green Season and Dry Season.

Green Season: During green season, it tends to rain. With the exception of August- October, it will typically only rain for a few hours each day or night. It tends to rain more in August, September, and October and could pour down for a few days at a time. It will still be warm and balmy, though it could be a bit cool in the evenings or when it's extra windy. Green season is a wonderful time to visit Costa Rica as the rivers are higher and everything is- well, greener. There are fewer people, and more time for napping in the afternoon (when it’s raining!). Sunny days are still, however, very present; it’s just you may only get a half of one. 

Dry Season: Dry season is high season, so there are more tourists. There will be little to no rain, and every day is a sunny day. Tours and activities will be a bit busier and possibly more expensive than in green season; some people find it more fun, though, to enjoy the company of fellow travelers. Expect it to be very hot at the beaches, though sometimes there is a nice light breeze. It will, though, in general, be hot and humid.

What do I bring?

Lightweight summer or resort wear is best; casual shorts and shirts are found just about everywhere, though you might want to bring a dressier set for evenings out. Bring a light jacket or sweater; think layers for hiking or visiting higher altitude areas such as Monteverde. Of course, evenings can also get cool sometimes during green season. We recommend bringing at least one pair of long pants or jeans in case you want to go ATV touring or horseback riding. Flip-flops and sandals are welcome everywhere, and we like waterproof hiking shoes that can be used for hiking, rivers, beaches and other diverse terrains.

Bring any prescription medications you might need; enough for the length of your stay and then 50% beyond that. Keep in mind too that we an emergency care clinic on the resort, and also pharmacies with doctors on staff that can help you in case of sickness or injury. A basic first aid kit with bug spray, anti-itch gel or cream, and other essentials is also a good idea.                                                                                                        

Costa Rica is close to the equator so that means strong sun rays. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen (can be bought here), and hats.  Long sleeves can also be good for hiking and other tours and activities that take place under the glaring sun. Of course, you can also buy sunscreen in any pharmacy or grocery store once you have arrived in Costa Rica. A water bottle and a lightweight backpack is also a good idea.

Finally, you’ll likely spend some time fishing, hanging on the beach, lounging by the pool, snorkeling, or jet-skiing.  Bring swimsuits, cover-ups, water shoes and any other essentials you can’t live without at the beach. Again, all of these things are readily available in the shops at Marina Village or nearby Herradura Shopping Center.

Who do I contact for help if needed?

You can contact the HRG Office at 2637-8484.