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17 Apr 2020
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La Iguana Golf Course located at Los Sueños Resort is one of Costa Rica’s most exotic golf courses. You can enjoy nature at every hole as it is surrounded by the rainforest, it is not uncommon to spot monkeys, sloths and a great variety of birds.

We met with Jose Quesada, Director of Golf at La Iguana since 2005, he explains why La Iguana is perfect for all golfers.

Jose who designed the golf course?

Ted Robinson, Jr was the designer of the 18 Hole, Par 72, La Iguana Golf Course. 

What makes La Iguana different from the other golf courses in the country?

The golf course is immersed in the rain forest where your birdies will be watched by real toucans and Macaws. It is a unique experience with nature. This outstanding course is nestled into the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica. The ecological course is a total experience as one combines a great game of golf with the natural beauty, surrounded by exuberant vegetation, and catching glimpses of monkeys and wildlife. Over  150  birds, 150  trees, and 100 animals have been identified in the area surrounding the golf course. Monkeys, toucans, iguanas, and pizotes can be seen on various holes.

What is the best time of the day to play?

Early morning or after 2 pm 

Tell us about the pros, are they all bilingual? Have you hand-picked them all?

I am a PGA Certified Professional on Executive Management 100 % bilingual, and we do have golf instructors as well. 

My teaching philosophy is to accommodate any person with the desire to learn or improve their golf game. I teach based on principles, laws, and preferences that allow golfers to understand the cause and effect of their golf shots.I believe that if a player understands where the ball goes, why it goes there, and what they need to do to correct mistakes, they will perform well whether their teachers are there or not.

My instructional methodology includes measuring the golfer’s strength, flexibility, balance, and hand-and-eye coordination.  This process ensures that an individual golfer’s skill capabilities will be adapted to maximize their potential—no matter what their physical limitations.

Walk us through the golf course? Any tips or secrets we should know before we head out?

Click here to see: Hole by hole description

We’ve heard your work has been instrumental in organizing charity golf tournaments for the benefit of disabled children and teenagers. When is the next tournament? Are you still involved?

Yes. I am the funder of Challenge Golf and we do activities every month.

Do you offer clinics for the residents at the resort?

Yes, we do. We have men and ladies as well as kids.

Do you offer memberships?

Yes. Great membership package. We have individual and family memberships. 

What benefits does the Golf Course offer to Los Sueños Resort residents?

Discount on the memberships.

What programs have you developed for women at your club and junior players

We have clinics for them.

Do you allow private events? If so what kind?

Yes, Tournaments, parties, Team building, footgolf.

 What would we be impressed with when we visit your golf course?

The people that serve golfers and nature. 

What are the hours at La Iguana?

6 am to 4 pm.

What kind of events do you organize and how do you promote them, where should the members look for information if they wanted to join?

You can find them on the Webpage:  - our email blast, and La Iguana app.