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19 Mar 2020
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Vacations in Los Sueños

This is a question we get a lot, and the answer is simple: Anytime. 

The weather is a common concern when going on vacation, however, in a country like Costa Rica there are advantages to visiting both during the summer (dry) season and the green (rainy) season. As can be expected, the dry months are the “high season” when it comes to tourism, however, in the past few years, the flow of travelers during the green season has drastically increased, as more and more people have realized that the country has a lot to offer during the rainy months.

The first rains in Costa Rica start late April, but the green season doesn’t officially kick in until May, and it extends through the end of November or early December which is 7 to 8 months, so, if you are not afraid of a little rain, but are still hesitant on whether you should adventure to this Central American paradise, here we give you the top 5 reasons to vacation in Costa Rica during the green season.

• Off-Season Travel Benefits: There are many benefits to traveling in the off-season, airplane tickets, hotels, and vacation rentals are usually much cheaper and tour operators offer packages at great prices.  You can actually enjoy more of Costa Rica with the amount of money you save when you choose to vacation during the green season.

Enjoy a VIP Pura Vida Experience, less crowds means better attention, even though Ticos are known for their warm and candid personality it is only logical that during the high season the big crowds tend to affect the quality of the service, plus, you’ll have long lines, busy beaches, pools, restaurants, and tours; the tourism industry appreciates visitors that help support their businesses during the off-season, and they make sure to show it.

• Green is a Wonderful Color: The lush nature of Costa Rica comes to life during the rainy season, hence the reference of “green season”, if you want to experience the rainforest this is the best time to do it, you’ll find wonderful landscapes, abundant wildlife and waterfalls look spectacular. Mornings are generally sunny and warm, the rain starts to fall most days in the afternoon hours, which means there is plenty of time to live different adventures.

Arenal Volcano National Park is a great destination especially during the months of September and October since the majesty of the volcano can be appreciated in full.  The Manuel Antonio National Park is also a wise choice to visit during the green season if you’re a nature and animal lover.

• Turtles: Several beaches in Costa Rica are nesting sites for four different species of sea turtles, Ostional and Playa Grande in Guanacaste are two of the most popular beaches to witness the amazing “arribadas” which are at their peak between the months of August through December, in fact,  according to Sinac (National System of Areas of Conservation), at the end of October,

Ostional is site to the second most important arribada in the world considering the large number of nesting turtles that take the beach. Tortuguero on the Caribbean coast is also a famous tourist destination where visitors can take guided tours to see the turtles nest and/or the eggs hatch.

• Whales and Dolphins:  Although they can be spotted year-round on Costa Rican beaches, the best time of the year to see them is the month of September and early October, when humpback whales show up in large numbers in waters of the Pacific of Costa Rica as they migrate to warmer waters. Marino Ballena National Park hosts a Whale Watching Festival in September offering a unique experience of seeing these amazing animals up close and in their natural habitat.

• Recharge and Relax: Rain is healing, it calms the soul, resting in a hammock on your private balcony to the sound of the rainfall can do wonders for your mind and spirit, especially when you are surrounded by green nature and the peace of Los Sueños Resort. These are also the ideal conditions for romance, if you are looking to have a romantic vacation you can’t go wrong.