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15 Jun 2023
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Vacations in Los Sueños

If you’ve done your research on Los Sueños Resort and Marina, then probably a few words come to mind: luxury, exclusivity, paradise. But it isn’t just the pristine setting, the world class golf course and sport fishing marina, or the mystical adventure tours that give Los Sueños its reputation. What puts Los Sueños Resort and Marina into the top tier of vacation destinations are the little details that only an agency as attentive as HRG can provide. Imagine arriving at your villa after a hassle-free transportation, enjoying a five-star dining experience in your own kitchen, and falling asleep in a masterfully made bed of the finest cotton. Read on to discover why HRG Properties and Rentals is the most exclusive luxury rental company in Los Sueños.


HRG: Luxury Property Management Company


Did you know that HRG Properties and Rentals manages over 70% of all of the houses in Los Sueños? Our services have become an essential aspect of the Los Sueños experience, for homeowners and vacationers alike. You may be wondering what property management entails in a place like Los Sueños. For us, it means many things. Ensuring the homes are immaculately clean and well stocked is where we start. Our lovely cleaning staff know all of our properties on an intimate level, and when you book with HRG you will have a daily cleaning service. They know just where everything belongs and you will come back after your day’s activities feeling like you’re stepping into a brand new rental.

Equipped for Excellence

Not only will you have everything you need, but you will find that our properties are appointed with the highest quality bedding and houseware. Our beds are made with 400 thread count cotton sheets, so you’ll wake up feeling like you’ve slept at a 5 star hotel. The bedrooms are spacious and the mattresses are large and luxuriously comfortable. Our kitchens have everything you may need, from blenders for your morning smoothie, to a variety of glassware, to serving platters for your entertainment needs.

Entertainment needs? Sure, why not host a fancy dinner for you and your friends! We have elite private chefs who would love to come and cook for you and your group. Whether you are entertaining clients, sharing a special meal with friends, or making memories with your family to last a lifetime, hiring a private chef is a great way to kick your vacation up a notch. 


With HRG, Every Guest is a VIP 

Beyond just a private chef, at HRG we inspire to have the best possible VIP vacation experience. As soon as you land in Costa Rica we are ready to spoil you. We may come to the airport in our air conditioned private shuttle, equipped with WiFi and cool beverages. Or for those who want to waste no time, we have a private helicopter service available to you. We will also stock the kitchen to your requests so that you don’t have to run any errands while vacationing with HRG. Our concierge is the best in the business: we don’t simply make phone calls to book you a tour, we make sure we understand exactly what you’re looking for, and we also offer private tours and transportation to any and all activities. 

Discover Tropical Luxury

 So what sets HRG Properties & Rentals apart as the most exclusive vacation company in Los Sueños? Is it our elite concierge team, who never tire of spoiling our guests? Is it our thoroughness in furnishing and appointing our properties so that every comfort imaginable is available to you? Or is it our VIP treatment, offering everything from private chef services to helicopter transportation? Our past guests will tell you that it is a combination of all these things. The icing on the cake to all of these details, is that they allow you more comfort and time to relax and enjoy vacation with your family or friends.