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5 Oct 2018
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Vacations in Los Sueños

Costa Rica´s geographic position and its climate makes the country a perfect spot for whales since these marine mammals enjoy the warm waters of the Pacific coast especially during a certain time a year when they migrate through the region, making whale watching one of the biggest attractions in the country.

If you have already spent sometime on Costa Rica´s Pacific coast, you´ve probably already spotted these magnificent animals at the distance. In areas like Los Sueños, and moving south towards Quepos, Dominical, Uvita and the Osa Peninsula, whales can be seen almost year-round, it just takes a little luck, since Costa Rica has one of the longest whale watching seasons in the world. 

However, if you want to increase your chances of seeing them up close, then consider planning your trip during the months of July through November (September is a great month since you can also enjoy the Whale Festival in Uvita), and then again December through March.

Humpback whales are just one of the many marine species that can be seen in waters of the Costa Rican Pacific. Close to 34% of the world´s cetacean species can be found in Costa Rica, the temperate waters make the ideal home to beautiful dolphins, bottlenose (Tursiops truncatus), spotted (Stenella attenuata graffmani), spinner (Stenella longirostris), among others.  When it comes to the humpback whales, there are different species that migrate and mate in this area, and you may also come across fake-orcas (Pseudorca crassidens), bryde´s whales (balaenoptera brydei) and pilot whales (G.melas).

If you are planning your vacation in Costa Rica, and whale-watching tours are in your plans, we highly recommend you book your stay at Los Sueños resort and villas, one of the preferred spots for tourists visiting Costa Rica.  Los Sueños is close to many great beaches and National Parks from where you can easily book a whale watching tour with HRG. Los Sueños also has its own Marina, ideal for those that prefer exploring the ocean on their own in search for these majestic giants.

Watching these mammals in their natural habitat is an amazing and unique experience, one you will never forget, in addition to booking your stay at Los Sueños, we recommend that you pick your tour provider carefully, HRG is a professional and reputable service that can help you organize every aspect of your vacation needs in Costa Rica.