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16 Nov 2018
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Vacations in Los Sueños

Costa Rica is beautiful in many different ways,  the wonderful weather, the awe-inspiring nature, the kind people, and the fact that all these are condensed into only 51,000 square kilometers (19,700 sq mi) is mind-blowing. Bathed by both the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans you can actually watch the sunrise at one coast and the sunset on the other on the same day if you wanted to,  there are miles of beautiful beaches, and if you are staying at Los Sueños Resort & Marina you will be just minutes away from discovering some of these amazing natural jewels. 

 Los Sueños Resort & Marina has a fantastic location, which makes it one of the most popular and desirable places to stay while vacationing in Costa Rica. Whether you are in town for a few days or permanently the Pacific coast awaits with some of the country´s best beaches, to help you get your vacation in Los Sueños planned out, we leave you with five of the best beaches near the Los Sueños community:

 1) Hermosa Beach:  (Take note that there are two beaches in Costa Rica with this name, the other one is in the province of Guanacaste) Hermosa Beach in the Central Pacific is located just a 15 minute drive from Los Sueños, it spans a little over 4 miles and it is a perfect beach for experienced surfers.  Even though it is just a few minutes from the beach town of Jacó, Hermosa still boasts raw nature. Warm water and dark brown sand, this place is also ideal for a walk or run at the beach while the sun sets.  Keep in mind that this beach presents strong undertows and rough surf so it is not recommended to swim, especially if you are not a strong swimmer.

 2) Esterillos: Getting to Esterillos from Los Sueños involves a 20-30 minute drive, the street is in good condition except for a short stretch that is not paved as you are arriving at the beach. This place is beautiful, relaxing and secluded, the conditions are great for surfing and exercising or simply hanging out and enjoying the view.  Some areas of the beach are dangerous due to undertow’s so, always look for signs and information on areas where swimming is not advisable.

 3) Manuel Antonio: The Manuel Antonio National Park is the most visited national park in Costa Rica, the lush rainforest, rich wildlife are part of what makes this one of the must-visit beaches near Los Sueños.  In total there are 5 beaches in Manuel Antonio, Playa Espadilla is the public beach where most tourists stay, white sand beaches, blue water and a great atmosphere with plenty of activities to enjoy. To visit the rest of the beaches, smaller ones, you must pay the entrance to enter the national park. Manuel Antonio is definitely worth the hour and a half drive from Los Sueños. 

 4) Dominical: Moving south, some 30 kilometers from Manuel Antonio you can find the beach community of Dominical, another place famous for its great surfing conditions. This charming community is a great place to spend the day, but, be careful as there are rip tides and strong swells at this beach.

 5) Marino Ballena:  While staying at Los Sueños you can also visit the Marino Ballena National Park, one of Costa Rica´s many wonders. This place is a famous whale-watching spot especially during the months of August through October, it is also home to the famous whale tail, a natural formation of rocks and sand in the shape of a whale´s tail. Surrounded by wonderful nature, this place is worth visiting, it is also close to the beach town of Uvita.

 Los Sueños Resort and Marina offers a great number of amenities, you don´t need to leave Los Sueños to find fun and adventure, but if you want to discover some of the beautiful Costa Rican beaches, these are some option you can´t miss out on. 

 Pura Vida!