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20 Apr 2023
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Vacations in Los Sueños

When you imagine Los Sueños, you may think of the luxury condominiums and villas,
the lively beach club, and the world class fishing. But did you know that we also boast
some of the best sunsets on the pacific coast? Los Sueños was expertly built upon a hill
which overlooks a breathtaking bay, and many properties have ocean views. We’ve
highlighted some of the very best vacation rentals to watch the sun go down.

Bay Residence Condominiums
We’ll start things off as close to sea level as possible: The Bay Residence
Condominiums. At HRG we offer multiple options for condominiums within the Bay
Residences which offer beautiful views over Herradura Bay. This community is the only
one in Los Sueños that is truly oceanfront. Families love this condo because kids love to
play in the grass while parents enjoy happy hour at sunset. The green hills descend
upon the horizon as the sky lights up with colors - and you’ll feel like you’re right in the
middle of it all.

Vista Bahia Condominium
This two story townhouse offers everything you need on your visit to Los Sueños. What
sets it apart from any other luxury condominium is the breathtaking views over
Herradura Bay. After watching the sunset from Vista Bahia, you’ll understand where
Herradura Bay got its name: herradura means horseshoe. The lush rainforest hills wrap
around the bay in the form of a horseshoe, and you’ll have the best view of it each
evening. Gather round for sunset drinks on the balcony, where our comfortable seating
area invites you to stay and relax a while.

Casa Blue Sail
This beautiful house is new construction located within the Vista Los Sueños
community, boasting 6 bedrooms and 5.5 baths. But what makes it a great place for
sunset? An infinity pool, a large patio, and 180 degree ocean views. It’s a wonderful
place for the children to play during the golden hour while parents sip cocktails. With
these ocean views, it’s hard not to gaze out on the horizon and wonder which fish are
waiting to be caught the next day - it’s no wonder they named the house Casa Blue Sail.

Villa Frazier
Villa Frazier is the newest house in Los Sueños, and it’s built within the Altamira
community, where a higher elevation grants you some of the best views in the resort.
When it comes to sunset viewing, it’s all about ambiance, and Villa Frazier has it all.
From the infinity pool, state of the art sound system, and the outdoor seating and
fireplace, there’s no better place to be after 5pm. What we love about Villa Frazier is the

panoramic views of the marina and the sprawling hills that surround Herradura Bay, all
from the comfort of a luxury villa.

Casa Solara
We began with the rental closest to sea level, and we’ll end with our highest elevation
rental: Casa Solara. As you drive up the road of the Vista Tres Bahias Community to
Casa Solara, you’ll understand why this location offers some of the most spectacular
views in all of Los Sueños. Whether you are with friends, coworkers, or family, it’s a
great place to gather good company and enjoy the views from this beautiful house. To
really soak in the views, enjoy the sunset from the infinity pool with a drink in hand and
watch the boats come into the marina from a day out at sea.
At HRG, we know our properties like the back of our hand, and we would love to get you
set up in your ideal rental. If watching sunset from your vacation rental is a priority for
you, consider one of these properties listed here. Do you want our expert opinion on
how best to enjoy the sunset on your vacation? We’d be happy to offer you a private
chef to come to your rental so that you don’t have to miss a minute of those gorgeous
colors. Let the chef and his staff pour you drinks and serve you appetizers from the
comfort of your rental. Now that’s how to enjoy a sunset!