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8 Jan 2022
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Vacations in Los Sueños

A couple of weeks have passed since we returned from an unforgettable vacation in Costa Rica and our family is still talking about it!  Back to reality, as they say, and let me be the first one to admit, post vacation blues is a real thing.

After a long and trying year, we wanted nothing more than to escape, unwind and build memories that would last a lifetime and HRG really delivered!  This was our first trip to Costa Rica, so we naturally had many questions.  The professional staff at HRG really helped us navigate the whole process to make it seamless and worry free.

Dream Vacations begin at Los Sueños with HRG

With so many properties to choose from, we were able to find a vacation rental that was perfect for our family! We were also very pleased to find out that all of their vacation homes come with fully equipped kitchens, so we knew right away we would have the flexibility to dine out or eat at home, which was a must have option for our family of five!

Arriving in Paradise

Upon arrival at the airport, we arranged in advance for a private driver to pick us up. Best move ever! After a long flight, it was so nice to sit back and relax before arriving at our rental home for the next week.

After a short 90 minute drive, we had arrived! The pictures didn’t do it justice.  Our vacation home was simply breathtaking! We arrived just before sunset and we couldn’t believe the amazing views we had within minutes upon arrival.  We were also able to order groceries in advance and have them delivered and waiting for us in the house, which was a huge plus with two teenagers and a small child in tow.

We spent the first night dining in one of the most amazing sushi restaurants we had ever been to, Bambu, conveniently located right in Los Sueños!

One Stop Shop

For us, one of the best things about choosing to spend our vacation in Los Sueños with HRG, was that they have everything you need.  With a husband who likes to golf, two teenagers looking for a little adventure and freedom, and a younger child needing to be entertained, we had everything we needed!

We spent a lot of time at the Los Sueños Beach Club, which was a lifesaver. They had a huge pool with a swim up bar,  amazing food and drink options, as well as separate areas for the kids to play, including a white sand beach and open grass area.

We spent most of our mornings relaxing and playing before typically heading out for an afternoon adventure.  

Fun in the Sun

Something we didn’t fully realize until we arrived was the abundance of activities and tours that are located onsite or within minutes of the resort.  Throughout the week, we took part in SUP boarding, ATV adventures, a sunset catamaran cruise, touring a nearby national park, and zip lining.  Zipling was by far the family favorite and we were able to get some great photographs! The concierge staff was so helpful in helping us plan everything, which was a huge weight off my shoulders, since there are so many options to choose from.

We had so much fun and shared so many laughs, HRG really helped us build our dream vacation!

Saying Goodbye is such Sweet Sorrow

After a week, in what I would truly call paradise, it was our time to say goodbye and while saying farewell to what truly felt like a home away from home was difficult, we are already scheming and planning our next trip! 

We look forward to returning next year and we can’t wait to see all the friendly faces from the staff at HRG again soon!

Thank you HRG!