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16 Oct 2018
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Vacations in Los Sueños

Vacationing in Costa Rica is a luxury on itself, this beautiful Central American country has some of the most exquisite landscapes and the most beautiful sites in the region, Costa Rica means “Rich Coast” and even though the country doesn’t have oil, its richness comes from its nature and the wonderful biodiversity it boasts in a very small area.

Biodiversity, great weather, and beautiful beaches are perhaps the biggest reasons behind the visit of almost 1.2 million North American tourists in 2017; but that’s not all Costa Rica has the offer. In the past years the country has managed to position itself as an ideal destination for honeymooners and romantic getaways, wellness, adventure, sports tourism (surfing, triathlon, MTB, golfing, sport fishing, etc.), among others. There are many ways to enjoy Costa Rica, but certainly, luxury VIP travel is the best.

In the past, planning a VIP luxury trip to Costa Rica was a lot of work, it involved complicated planning, careful logistics to get all different aspects of the experience coordinated and handled and also dealing with many different services and vendors, an organizational nightmare.

Today there are services that specialize in offering a VIP luxury travel experience in Costa Rica, companies such as HRG Vacations have a deep understanding of the high expectations of a VIP client and have the experience and connections in the country to handle every single aspect of a dream vacation.

The perfect vacation begins in a luxury destination resort community located in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, HRG manages an exclusive portfolio of elite residencies in Los Sueños Resort & Marina noted as one of the “World’s Best Resorts” by Travel and Leisure magazine; it offers a full-service international marina, amazing views, VIP-quality infrastructure and services including private beach club and an 18-hole championship golf course, fully equipped gym and SPA, among others.  

“We are careful to customize every experience following our clients’ requests and needs, every activity is planned with full attention to detail, whether it involves something as simple as airport transportation, or more specialized such as private catering service, grocery stocking, a sport fishing trip, personalized adventure tours or even helicopter transfers, our job is  to make our clients’ life simple and make sure they have a memorable vacation experience”, commented Mike Hardy owner of HRG.

Don’t settle for just a good vacation in Costa Rica, make the most of it by allowing professionals in the tourism industry to help you plan an unforgettable time, a VIP luxury trip built according to your preferences and budget, the beauty of Costa Rica and friendliness of its people will do the rest.