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1 Sep 2016
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Vacations in Los Sueños

Costa Rica is just about the closest you can come to paradise and your vacation in paradise should be just about perfect. When you pack your vacation bags with the right (literal and metaphorical) stuff, you’re bound to have the Costa Rica vacation of your dreams.

Avoid these 5 pitfalls, and you’ll be off to a great start.

Tom Traveler forgot to use sunscreen. He also forgot his sunglasses, water bottle, and hat. 

There isn’t much that can ruin a vacation faster than an uncomfortable sunburn or debilitating heat stroke. Given Costa Rica’s close proximity to the equator, its more important than ever to remember to use sunscreen and take precautions when it comes to the beautiful sunshine; even if its green season and there is an overcast sky! During your vacation in Costa Rica, make it a habit to put on sunscreen every day before you even walk out the door; keep a small bottle of the stuff with you too, and don’t forget your water, sunglasses and hat.

Susie Sightseer thought she needed to use the roaming feature from her own cell phone service provider. When she got home, she had a $1200 phone bill! Ouch.

Avoid the painful surprise of an outrageously high phone bill upon your return from vacationing in Costa Rica. Check with your service provider to see if your device is a “world device” or if they offer them; Verizon, for example, does and all I do is change out my SIM card when I arrive in Costa Rica. You can buy a pre-paid SIM and load it for less than $20, and if you need to, you can also always pick up a fairly inexpensive smart phone. Costa Rica mobile service stores, and kiosks, can be found just about everywhere in the country; even right in the airport!

Valerie Vacationer let the media’s Zika circus scare her. So, she decided to cancel her Costa Rica vacation altogether.

While mosquito born viruses such as Zika or Dengue are a small risk in any tropical country throughout Latin America (especially during green season), there are measures that can be taken to prevent bites or infection. Use repellant and wear long sleeves and pants when hiking through the jungles.  Also, keep in mind that high end vacation spots like Los Sueños Resort & Marina put great measures into place to help eliminate the threat; risks are higher in less affluent areas where the population might not take proper care in eliminating breeding grounds, putting screens on windows and fumigating.

Eddie Explorer left behind his sense of adventure and wonder.

There is little end to Costa Rica’s bounty of discovery and excitement. With its rich flora and fauna, its a sensory surplus at every turn. Whether you are river rafting or horseback riding, sport fishing or laying in a hammock gazing up at the trees, you’re bound to be delighted by all the sights, sounds and experiences that Costa Rica has to offer. Yes, climbing to the top of the zip-line tower can be a little bit nerve wracking at first, but the sensation of flying over the jungle canopy is beyond exhilarating.

Wendy Wanderlust forgot to pack patience and positivity.

Travel is a great opportunity to learn a little bit of a new language, experience a different culture, and explore the world’s unique distinctions; however, if you are unable to celebrate the unfamiliar, it can really rock your world and not in a good way. With a bit of humor and good will toward all, those little language and cultural barriers can be great fun to overcome. Relax, let go of expectation and flow with the unfamiliar; it will make your Costa Rica vacation magical and memorable.


Pack your physical, mental and spiritual bags well for your Costa Rica vacation; when you do, you’ll have the travel experience you hope for and deserve.