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12 Jun 2023
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Vacations in Los Sueños

We’ve all been there before. A group vacation with multiple interests and personalities. You’ve booked your trip and you realize that people in your group may have very different objectives for their vacation. Lucky for you, Costa Rica is the perfect place to please everyone in your party. 

 Whether you’re planning a vacation with a large family, a work trip, or a vacation reunion amongst friends, we have all of the tips for pulling off a group vacation without a hitch.


Arrange for Seamless Travel

At HRG, we specialize in group travel because we want you to enjoy every moment on vacation. From airport pickups, to planning tours and activities, to transportation, making sure all the details are squared away should be a top priority as you plan your group trip. Let us help you take care of these logistics so that you can spend as much time as possible making memories with the group. 


Having the help of an expert vacation concierge can allow you to relax and enjoy each moment with your friends and/or family. The first step in planning a great group vacation is making sure you are working with the people who best know the area. Insider knowledge and local expertise are a must have when you book with a vacation rental company. 


Know Your Group

As you plan your vacation, it is wise to keep in mind the interests of your party. Who wants to spend their days relaxing with a book? Who wants to seek a new adventure every day? Who wants to eat like the locals, and who wants fine dining?


Knowing what kind of travelers you have in your midst is essential to planning a great vacation. An email or a group chat as you begin to plan is a great idea. You can hear what others may have in mind, and after the trip it’s a great place to share photos and memories from the vacation.


Pick the Right Place

It would be worthless to know all of the desires of your group members only to travel to a place that cannot serve all of your needs. It’s important to choose a destination that can satisfy the vacation goals of everyone. Costa Rica has a lot to offer. Beautiful beaches, magical rainforest, adventure sports, and luxury lodging and dining. But you can’t find all of those things just anywhere in Costa Rica…


All of the Options for All of Your Group

At Los Sueños, we have all of those things and more. A wide range of tours means we have something to offer everyone. Your guests can decide between a tranquil boat cruise to a private beach, or a festive catamaran ride to a clear water island. They might wish to go on a monkey tour, and some may choose the crocodile tour. Some may want to go fishing, and some may want to go golfing. You might have some members of your party interested in an ATV tour of the jungle, while others opt for a surf lesson.


Yes, we really do have all of those things here at Los Sueños. Our proximity to Jacó, Manuel Antonio National Park, and Carara National Park, are just a few of the attractions that make our home on the central pacific coast such a desirable place for travelers.


And if there is someone in your group who really just wants to relax, we are fully equipped for a relaxing vacation.

Each villa in Los Sueños has their own private pool for you to relax and enjoy. With HRG, our complimentary cleaning staff will come by every morning, so you can take it easy in a lounge chair by the pool. Don’t forget the Los Sueños Beach Club, where there is table service around the pool and a swim up bar for those who wish to stay in the water all day.


Ask our concierge about other services we offer, like in house massage, private yoga classes, and other spa treatments. 


Plan Special Meals, Make Special Moments

Our last bit of advice for anyone planning a group vacation, is to plan special meals.


Days will be filled with adventure, or lounging by the pool or beach. Your group may decide to do different things. But the best way to seal the deal on a perfect vacation, is by starting and ending each day together as a group sharing good food and discussing the events of the day.


One of our favorite ways to do this is by hiring an in-house private chef. This way you can take it easy while enjoying a gourmet meal. Ask us about our top notch chef services.


Another great option is taking a quick golf cart ride to the Marina Village. The range of restaurants there are bound to please everyone’s diets and taste buds, and the quality is second to none.


Plan the Perfect Group Vacation in Costa Rica

As you can see, planning a group vacation requires a lot of forethought. We up to help you take away the stress of planning a group trip, and instead, inspire you to have the best vacation of your life! Not just for you, but for your whole group, too.