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6 Nov 2017
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Vacations in Los Sueños

It’s hard to believe it’s already the beginning of November. It’s best to book now for the busiest time of the year!

With the holidays come summertime in Costa Rica, along with the dry season comes the celebratory holiday crowd. Those who want to score a great space for the holidays should consider booking now.

But why spend the holidays in Costa Rica? Here are 5 good reasons.

Get out of the cold and into the sun.

There’s nothing like cold weather to put a damper on the holidays. In Costa Rica, it’s always bikini time in December! With tons of sun and a plethora of outdoor activities, you’ll have a holiday season filled with fun, adventure and discovery; also, most likely,  a tan!

Avoid the family shuffle.

We all know the pain of shuffling from household to household during this modern day family holiday time. I have a friend who loathes the holidays just because of all the driving she has to do to make it to everyone’s house in a day. There have been movies about couples trying to escape this dreaded day of traffic and car travel.

When you’re in Costa Rica for the holidays, you can simply post Instagram pics and make a phone call; “We’d love to be there! But anyway, happy holidays from the rainforest! We’ll bring you some coffee.”

The gift of travel is the gift that keeps on giving.

The gift of a Costa Rica vacation will create memories of a lifetime for you and the people you love; so, why not give the gift that keeps on giving? So much better than a sweater, a trip to the rainforest will come with sunshine, monkey spotting, adrenaline rush river rafting, zip line canopy tours, sport fishing, dining out, gambling, spa days,  and so much more.

Leave the cooking and cleaning to someone else.

Now this one may be just for the cook in the family (no matter who that is), but what a great alternative to standing over a basting turkey all day; and let’s not even mention the cleanup! HOlidays in Los Sueños Resort mean eating out, catering in, or at a minimum having a cleaning lady to sweep in and take care of all the clean up if cooking is what you love to do.

Everything you’ll need for a traditional holiday dinner is readily available from nearby Automercado or Jimmy’s Provisions (a gourmet market, right in the resort); and best of all, assistance is also easily obtained by dialing your concierge and asking.

Start the new year on a positive note.

There’s an old saying that the way you spend New Year’s Eve will influence the rest of your year. All superstition aside, what better way to kick off the new year than on vacation at Los Sueños Resort, playing golf, surfing, eating out, lounging under the sun, getting massages, river rafting, watching monkeys frolic in the trees and just generally having a darned good time?

 With just five reasons listed, we know there are so many more; find out for yourself this holiday season. Book your Costa Rica vacation rental now for the busiest time of the year.