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8 Dec 2016
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Vacations in Los Sueños

Families often want to take advantage of the school break to visit Costa Rica for the holidays. Booking hotel rooms in December can be expensive and restrictive and It’s quite likely that most families need at least two rooms. There is little flexibility about meals because the only choices are restaurants, and, let’s face it: hotel rooms can be cramped for a family with kids.

HRG Vacations at Los Sueños Resort and Marina changes the entire picture of a family vacation in Costa Rica. A luxury vacation rental has all the advantages and none of the drawbacks of a hotel room or rooms. With options ranging from one, two and three bedroom condos to vast vacation villas, Los Sueños Resort has the perfect private home rental to meet any family’s needs.

Here are seven excellent reasons to book a vacation rental at Los Sueños Resort & Marina.


Everyone in the family have plenty of room for personal time or family time. With condos and villas ranging from 1 bedroom to 7, and all featuring fully equipped kitchens, along with expansive living and dining areas, as well as outdoor space, there is plenty of area for everyone to spread out and get comfy.


There are a number of services and amenities to enjoy while staying at a luxury vacation rental in Los Sueños Resort: housekeeping, personal shopper, or private chef; babysitting services, personal drivers, and in house spa care are just a few of the services that are offered by HRG’s concierge team. The amenities are great too; every rental has a laundry room, access to a pool, community gym, and all the comforts of a well fitted luxury home.


Eat out, or stay in, as you please, and your schedule is your own. Slouch around in your PJs or not, there’s no need to be presentable to get ice (down the hall) because the kitchen right in your own home away from home.


A week or 10 days in a hotel is usually more expensive than a vacation home when you factor in multiple rooms, meals and entertainment.


A hotel stay doesn’t provide the same access to the plants, wildlife and scenery that a Los Sueños Resort vacation rental offers right outside the front door.


Hotels are difficult places to keep the kids entertained. The Under8teens Family Activity Center at Los Sueños Resort, next to the marina, has entertainment options for school age children under 18. Los Sueños also offers a wide choice of on-site activities such as the beach club, tennis, swimming, golf, spas, restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, and more. 

Activities & Tours

The concierge team at HRG Vacations can help book off-site activities and tours, direct guests to a nearby beach or recommend a local market. Not only is it their job, but they are locals too, who know well all the best places.

At Los Sueños, your family vacation can be more comfortable and convenient, as well as less expensive with a private rental. After all, it isyour vacation, so why not relax in style at Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica.