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26 May 2017
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Vacations in Los Sueños

Sometimes you just need to get away and take your girlfriends with you. A friend of mine once gave me a little business card size note once that said, “If you ever run away, take me with you!” I left that card in my wallet for years because it meant a lot to me.

One day, I decided to take her up on it. I’d had a crazy year at my job. My employers were piling 3 people’s work onto my plate and I knew it was the same with my co-workers. It was time for a well-deserved break! I called my sister, and the friend who’d given me that card, and said; “I’m running away for a whole two weeks! Come with me!”

I had searched around online for different places, but one of the most relaxing and luxurious choices that really stood out to me was the Los Sueños Resort and Marina in Costa Rica. The beautiful green mountains against a blue sky as a backdrop and the blue waters with light pink, or even black, sand drew me and I told the girls, “Let’s go to Costa Rica!”

Los Sueños is situated on the central Pacific of Costa Rica. A master planned community, there is a marina, a beach club, a golf course and a small “village” of shops and restaurants. Never a dull moment, there is plenty to do within the resort, and outside- well, lets just say the adventure never stops. Between river rafting, zip-line canopy tours, horseback riding and surfing, the days seemingly flew by. 

A typical day at Los Sueños Resort began when we woke up in our rented three-bedroom condo and grabbed some fresh local fruit from the refrigerator to enjoy while we sipped rich Costa Rican coffee on our balcony as the sun rose. The awesome staff at HRG Properties and Rentals even pre-stocked our refrigerator with local foods and gourmet goodies from Jimmy T’s gourmet shop for us before we arrived!

Now I’m not a sailor or a fisherman, but I do love to eat fresh fish and I’d heard the sport fishing out of Los Sueños Resort & Marina is amazing! So, we booked a day of fishing in advance. Wow. What a day of adventure, and there are really no words sufficient to describe the meal we enjoyed that night in our condo, prepared, of course by the private chef we hired through HRG. 

One day we felt like relaxing and playing a round of golf. Let me tell you, the golf course at Los Sueños Resort is one of a kind, with all the wildlife joining in the fun. My girlfriends and I enjoyed an 18-hole game on a gorgeous course that runs next to the rainforest and is flanked on the other side by the ocean. What amazing views! Although we got nowhere near the 72-par mark, the fact that we played on a championship course designed by Ted Robinson is something to brag about. The unique and colorful animals of the rainforest gave us even more wonderful sights to see and sounds to hear while we played.

After golfing, we all treated ourselves to a massage. Upon request, the HRG Concierge Team sent over three therapists, so after our massages we didn’t have to go anywhere; we just lounged around in our robes and drank wine. Costa Rican culture promotes the phrase, “Pura Vida”, which means, “pure lIfe”. The spa therapists that HRG works with base their treatments with this in mind and it works! I’d never had a rainforest massage before that and I’d love another. 

If you are planning a “Girls Only” retreat, take a look at Los Sueños Resort. We loved it and I know you would to!