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14 Feb 2018
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Sport Fishing

With spring break vacation upon us, the fishing charter crews at Los Sueños Resort and Marina in Costa Rica are preparing to welcome families with young children who are eager to learn about offshore fishing.

Teaching children about the wonders of deep sea fishing is something that charter captains and crews at Los Sueños truly enjoy doing year after year. There is a lot more to offshore fishing than just casting lines, trolling and waiting for fish to bite. Seasoned anglers know about the intricacies of preparing the vessel to get underway and making sure that each trip is safe, successful and highly enjoyable; in the experience of the fishing charter captains and crews of Los Sueños, children tend to be fascinated by the entire experience.

If you are coming to Los Sueños with your children for spring break, it is highly recommended that you contact HRG Vacations ahead of your visit. Here is what you need to know about these two charter providers: their affiliation with Los Sueños Marina has been earned through excellence. Each year, hundreds of beginner and seasoned anglers retain the services of these professionals because of their professionalism and their passion for everything related to aquatic ecosystems. If there is something that charter captains enjoy is being able to share their passion with families aboard their yachts.

The Ocean as a Classroom

The choice of introducing your children to inshore or offshore fishing is yours; most charter captains recommend starting off the trip close to shore so that children can see where species such as grouper, snapper and Spanish mackerel make their habitats, usually near rocky formations. You can also discuss whether a full or half day charter will be appropriate for your children based on your vacation schedule, their temperament and their interests.

Children tend to be very interested in learning about the preparations to get underway. Crew members can explain certain details about the yacht, weather patterns and ocean conditions. The charter crews at Los Sueños know a lot about this stretch of the Pacific coast; many of them are locals who thoroughly enjoyed fishing, swimming and surfing in these waters.

The ocean is filled with educational and entertainment activities. When children get to reel in species that are easier to catch, such as dorado, they get very excited and want to know everything about the fish. When they see large bill species that resist the lines with acrobatic jumps out of the water, you will know that they are going through an experience that they will hold close to their hearts.

Some parents are surprised to see some of the interests that their children exhibit during fishing charters. Some are fascinated by the tasks performed by the crew while underway; from tying knots to stowing away gear and from surveying the ocean to navigating the boat, these are experiences that are not usually learned at school. If you see your children deeply interested in the fish, you may have a future marine biologist in the family; it they are seem to like the mechanics and electronics of the yacht, they may later become interested in boating or engineering. Some children may later decide to forge a lifetime relationship with the ocean, which is always a good thing.

If you are concerned about your children bringing their smartphones or portable video game systems aboard, let them know that the ocean is unpredictable and that they may end up losing them. At any rate, a charter trip is full of action, which means that they will likely lose interest in their portable electronics and will pay more attention to everything else that is going on around them.

All in all, a fishing charter is something that your entire family will be able to enjoy during a spring break vacation in Los Sueños, and your children will certainly learn quite a few things along the way. What is even better is when the entire family gets to learn about offshore fishing; this is a once in a lifetime experience that charter captains enjoy providing.