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26 Mar 2018
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 When “Lines out!” was called on Day 3, the 2018 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown sailed into the history books. This year’s champion, Tarheel, nailed down the top spot with 10,600 points; followed by Agitator with 10,100. Geaux Fly finished in third with 10,000 points.

Though still spectacular, the bite was a bit off this year: 2,030 sailfish and 21 marlins brought 2018 numbers to a total 2,241 releases. Last year’s total, 3,143, saw 2,839 sails and 302 marlins released.

The championship’s top finishers weren’t the only winners. Gunsmoke took the honors for Leg III with 3,800 points for 18 sailfish and 4 marlin; Geaux Fly was a close second with 3,700 points (17 sails and 4 marlin) and Jaruco supported by Angler and HRG owner Mike Hardy landed third with 2,800 (18 sails and 2 marlin). Altogether, anglers released 518 sailfish and 46 marlin for a total of 564 billfish released in Leg III.

Gunsmoke won Day 3 in first with 1,900 points for its 9 sails and 2 marlin. Geaux Fly, with 1,700 points for 2 sails and 3 marlin, edged out War Party’s 1,700 from 7 sails and 2 marlin. Tranquilo’s 1,600 points for 11 sails and 1 rounded out the top four. On Day 3, anglers landed 199 sails and 15 marlin to bring the day’s total to 214 billfish.

From the first day of Leg III, the teams seesawed for the lead throughout. Geaux Fly finished with 1,800 points (13 sail, 1 marlin), Jaruco had 1,700 points (7 sail, 1 marlin) and Gunsmoke was third with 7 sails and 1 marlin for 1,200 points. In all, anglers caught and released 185 billfish: 171 sailfish and 14 marlin on the day.

Tarheel, the number 6 finisher on Day 1, leapt into first at the end of Day 2 with 1,400 points for 4 sails and 2 marlin. Agitator beat out Reel Screamer on time with 1,300 points each, while D.A. Sea netted 1,200 points. Day 2’s 148 sails and 17 marlin, brought the total billfish to 165.

In the end, it was Tarheel’s performances in Legs I and II that helped the team secure its win over Leg III’s top anglers to become the 2018 Triple Crown winner. Who will be the winner next year?