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27 Feb 2023
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Sport Fishing

In order to really see Los Sueños Resort & Marina at her peak, you need to be here during a tournament weekend. Each year, the resort and marina hosts the Los Sueños Triple Crown fishing tournament which spans the peak fishing season. The three legs of the tournament are held one month apart, each leg running for four days: One day of the ladies tournament, and three days of the Signature Triple Crown. The marina docks are bustling before the sun comes up, and mates can be seen wrapping up the boats after the sun goes down. Year after year we see some of the same faces and boats, and we’re always happy to welcome new teams to join in on the fun and rub shoulders with some of the best competition in the industry. 


All About the Los Sueños Triple Crown

The first day of each weekend begins on Wednesday for the Ladies Only tournament. This year there are twelve boats competing in the Ladies Only tournament, and they mean business. These women know how to hook up with fish and they put on an exciting competition. For this leg, the podium finishers were the “Uno Mas” (3rd), the “Vaquero” (2nd), and in first place “D.A. Sea.”  It’s a great way to kick off each leg and highlight the women who are a big part of our greater fishing community. Wednesday evening, as the ladies celebrate their triumphs, all boats for the entire tournament meet on the lawn for a welcome dinner, and it’s off to bed for an early start Thursday.


The main tournament runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, featuring a daily winner and a winner for each leg. Each boat has an official observer aboard, and updates are sent every two hours during tournament hours, from 8am to 4pm. For those of us on land, we follow along in suspense as the Los Sueños social media posts score updates. The daily winner is greeted on the docks with much excitement, as well as a cash prize at the end of the weekend.  


And the Prize for 1st Place Goes to…..

For leg II of the 2023 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown, the “Eight Eights” was the stand out. Jill and Scott Yates, HRG clients and owners of the Eight Eights, are always saying: “No bad days.” Well, lucky for them, they had three great days. Not only were they the overall winner, but they won the daily for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The 72’ Viking from Singer Island, Florida, proved their skills all weekend long as they led the scoreboard, with a total of 18 sails and 4 marlin.

Community, Good Times, and Good Fishing

On Saturday night, everyone gathers at the awards and closing ceremonies at the beach club, for a special night with dinner, live music and a firework show. We celebrate the number of billfish released, the winners cash in on their prizes, and everybody shares stories about the fish they caught, and the ones they wish they had. This year, some competitors were visited by Orca whales and their calves, and an impressive number of Marlins were released. Appropriately, we close the night off with fireworks over the marina. If you’ve never been to Los Sueños for a “tournament,” weekend, we recommend you put it on your list!