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28 Feb 2021
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Sport Fishing

Los Sueños 2021 Signature Triple Crown competitors complete Leg II

 As the fishing tournament season moves forward, we are excited to announce the winners of Leg II of the 2021 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown - in full swing, as usual, despite COVID-19 social distancing measures.

Of course, a few exceptions have been made to the usual party atmosphere here at Los Sueños Resort & Marina. Awards are presented at the winners’ boats, rather than in a big ceremony and much is being handled virtually. 

The Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown takes place each year as it has since 2004- everyone loves it and this year is no exception.  

After almost 20 years, this phenomenal billfish tournament event has become one of the most highly competitive tournaments in the world,  and continues to draw professional angler teams from across the globe. 

Los Sueños’ fishing is quite exceptional. Between the warm Costa Rica weather and the calm blue waters off of Central America’s beautiful Costa Rica shoreline, you can’t pick a better place for an exciting fishing adventure. 

When the incredible fishing comes together with the green rainforest backdrop of the luxuriously master-planned Los Sueños Resort and Marina, it’s an experience that can’t be beat. 

Attracting angler teams from all over the world, this year’s Signature Triple Crown Billfish Series event hosted 38 teams, each participating in a grand contest to win prizes totaling well over $100,000. 

It all starts with the Ladies Only tournament...

Ladies Only Tournament: Leg II results are in

The Ladies Only tournament results are in and boy oh boy are they impressive. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021, the women completed Leg II of the LSRM Ladies Only one-day tournament series. Eleven boats netted a total of 129 sails, including 3 marlin. D.A. Sea finished the day in first place with 2200 points for 22 sailfish. D.A. Sea’s cumulative total stands at 4000 points for Legs I and II.

Dragin Fly turned in a Leg II score of 1700 for 12 sails and 1 marlin, standing at 2900 points for both legs. In third place for the day, Fish Tank scored 1400 points for 3400 points so far.

Leg III of the one-day tournament series will be held March 16, 2021, when the top lady angler takes her place in the record books—who will it be? 

Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown, Leg II

And, for the moment that everyone’s talking about- Leg II of the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown Billfish Series has completed and those anglers, as usual, made an impressive game of it. 

Day 1 Results - Congratulations to Blue Eagle

With lines in at 8 a.m., February 25, 2021, the first of three days of sportfishing kicked off. By the time of the 4 p.m. call for lines out, the tournament boats had caught and released 354 sailfish and 2 marlin.

Blue Eagle and Vaquero were tied for the day’s top score with 1800 points each at the end of the day. Blue Eagle finished in first on time by a minute. Team Galati ended the day in third with a score of 1600 points.

Day 2 Results - Congratulations to Smooth Move

At the end of the second day of Leg II, Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown competitors had caught and released 312 sails and 14 marlin. Smooth Move landed 18 sails and 2 marlin to take the lead with 2800 points on the day. Vaquero slipped into second place with 1400 points for its 14 sailfish. Blue Eagle netted 8 sails and 1 marlin to finish Day 2 in third.

Day 3 Results - Congratulations to Uno Mas

The standalone results for Day 3 saw Uno Mas rack up 2100 points for its 16 sails and 1 marlin. Agitator took 20 sailfish to finish second on the day’s fishing, while Max Bet was close behind with 19 sails. Combined, the teams landed 388 sailfish and 7 marlin.

But that’s not the whole story…Leg II is all about how many fish caught and released over three days. 

That changes things up. 

Leg II totals: 1054 sailfish and 23 marlin were released throughout the competition. Uno Mas (4800 points) hooked 33 sails and 3 marlins during Leg II, finishing first and edging out Smooth Move and Max Bet (4700 points each).

Congratulations goes to Uno Mas for finishing first in Leg II of the Los Sueños Triple Crown Billfish Series in 2021. 

Series Leaderboard

The 2021 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown is two-thirds of the way to being in the record books. With one leg left to go, the top five teams’ scores are pretty close together:

  • Fish Tank        9800

  • Team Galati    9100

  • Grand Slam    9000

  • Uno Mas         8600

  • Max Bet           8100

There’s barely a difference that a lucky day and a couple of marlin can’t erase. Stay tuned for Leg III, March 17 – 20, and don’t forget the Ladies Only competition on the 16th!