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28 Mar 2023
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Sport Fishing

As the third leg came to a close on Saturday, we said goodbye to the 2023 season. All of the boats have caught their fair share of billfish, and the winning boats have proven themselves and then some. We are happy to congratulate HRG clients, Team Galati on their victory in the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown this year.


This special tournament started back in 2004 with the Los Sueños Signature Billfish series, and in 2014 it evolved into the Signature Triple Crown. In 2023 forty teams participated in the main event and eleven teams participated in the Ladies Only event. Each team is allowed to register five anglers who must follow specific rules for the tournament. 100 points are awarded for each sailfish and 500 points for each marlin. As this series’ winners, Team Galati totaled 15,200 points.


As usual, the third leg of the series started off with the ladies only tournament on day one. The ladies only portion of the Signature Triple Crown really highlights the caliber of fishing we have here at Los Sueños, the quality of the fishery off of our coasts, and the level of community. The tournament winner this year was none other than the Uno Más, a boat with a running history of success here at the Los Sueños Marina. This year they not only won the Ladies Series, but they also won 2nd place for the main tournament, and found themselves on the leaderboard throughout most of the season.


The women do an excellent job fishing and it gives us a glimpse into what the bite might be like for the rest of the weekend. The last leg proved a great time for all, and the final day of the tournament saw some of the best fishing of the year. We saw plenty of doubles and triples - that is, when a boat has two or three of their lines hook up with fish at the same time. There’s nothing as exciting as being on a 64’ Viking and seeing two marlins going off at once! Just ask anyone on board with Team Galati. 


Don’t forget, the peak season is still in full swing, and our fishery offers world class sport fishing year round. At HRG we would be more than happy to help you charter one of the elite sport fishing boats during your time in Los Sueños.