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28 Jun 2023
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June 2023 Fishing Update


Los Sueños Resort fishing is starting to heat up with all species abound AND anglers relishing their time out on the water. Sailfish enthusiasts are in for a treat as the bite remains consistent, with numerous boats reporting multiple hookups and successful releases. The marlin action has also been impressive, particularly at the Seamounts, where recent trips have seen several impressive catches of blue marlin, accompanied by a high number of hookups.  


For those seeking an extraordinary fishing expedition, the seamount trip targeting blue marlin stands out as a thrilling option. Anglers embarking on this adventure have the chance to hook and release more than 30 blue marlin, making it undeniably the world’s premier destination for blue marlin fishing. Although the nearest seamounts are located approximately 80 miles offshore, the challenges faced along the way pale in comparison to the rewards that await

Yellowfin tuna have been actively biting as well, providing an additional source of excitement. Many boats have reported encountering large schools of spinner dolphins, closely trailed by impressive groups of yellowfin tuna. Anglers have found success using top water poppers and live bait to entice these formidable fighters. Renowned for their strength and fighting prowess, yellowfin tuna have become a favorite catch among anglers.  And don't forget the Wahoo and Dorado which start to pile up this time of year.



Overall, the fishing at Los Sueños Marina has been nothing short of excellent, guaranteeing a memorable experience for all anglers. Whether your goal is to land sailfish, marlin, tuna, Dorado or wahoo, this remarkable destination has something to offer everyone. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to book your trip and immerse yourself in the thrill of fishing in one of the world’s top fishing spots.



Check out this amazing video show casing some great fishing :