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26 Mar 2022
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It’s no surprise that the second leg of the Signature Triple Crown Series was just as exciting as the first, as it continues to hold it's reputation as one of the greatest tournaments around the world!

Let’s Hear it for the Ladies

On Leg Two of the Signature Series Triple Crown in Los Sueños Resort and Marina, the ladies were up first. Overall, 13 teams caught 56 billfish including 19 marlin.

Team Uno Mas made quick work of a blue marlin in the afternoon on Day One and Team Eight Eights caught 2 marlin and 5 sails to end the day in 3rd place, explaining what a great day noting they caught “everything that came up to eat”, but tale of the day belongs to Fish Tank and solo angler Laura Jenson.  This lone angler caught 6 marlin on her own in Leg Two, bringing her total for leg two to an incredible 10 marlin and 3 sails.

With one leg still remaining, Team Fish Tank remains in the lead with 5300 points followed by:

Team Galati 3700

D.A. Sea 3600

Max Bet 3500

Eight Eights 3300

Billfisher 3200

The ladies fish next on Tuesday, March 29th to finish out the series for 2022.  Stay tuned!

Signature Triple Crown Day One of Leg Two

The general consensus across the teams when asked “what will be the greatest challenge during Leg Two?” was said to be “Finding fish!” but as one angler said sarcastically, “How hard can it be!”. Lets see!

A slow start to the day, for team Miss Behavin’ caused for some speculation on Day One, but soon enough they get their first bite of the day with a feisty marlin.

Fish Tank, continuing their streak from the Ladies Only Tournament reeled in 2 marlin and 4 sails for a 3rd place finish on Day One and Team Pura Vida had an exciting day releasing a triple sail bite and 3 marlin. Living out a life long dream, Team Pura Vida pulled in their last bluefish of the day at 3:55pm, sending them into first place, pushing Billfisher out of the lead.

Totals: Day One Leg Two

Pura Vida 1800

Billfisher 1400

Fish Tank 1400

D.A. Sea 1400

Miss AC 1300

Gallo Pinto 1200

Heading into Day Two of the Signature Triple Crown series, Ragin’ Cajun released 3 marlin. Overall the fleet of teams caught 57 sails and 54 marlin and current 3rd place team Uno Mas hooked 3 of them!  Team Pura Vida ended a wild day in 2nd place with 3 marlin and 3 sailfish, but Team Rum Runner crushed the day with an impressive of 6 marlin.

Totals: Day Two Leg Two

Rum Runner 3800

Pura Vida 3600

Uno Mas 2600

Vaquero 2600

Billfisher 2500

Fish Tank 2400

With such unpredictable and exciting days, let's see what Day 3 has in store. As we know in the Triple Crown Series, anything can happen!

Rum Runner gets another bit of early luck in the day with a beautiful blue marlin, followed by three more, making a total of 4 marlin for Day Three. Team Smooth Move also had a great day with 3 sailfish and 4 marlin, pulling in the most points for the day.

Vaquero caught 8 marlin and 6 sailfish overall in Leg Two bring cause for celebration as they moved into a 3rd place finish on the big stage!

Billfisher finished in 2nd place with 8 marlin and 6 sailfish overall.

Team Rum Runner ended the three days as the 2022 Leg Two Champions with a tournament high of 11 marlin!

Over 3 days the teams released 144 marlin and 186 sails.

Totals: Leg Two Final

Rum Runner 5800

Billfisher 4600

Vaquero 4600

Uno Mas 4300

Outage 4300

Reel Pushy 3800

Leg Two was every bit as exciting as Leg One for the 2022 Triple Crown Series. Great moments all around with great people and great friends.

Triple Crown teams fish the final leg for 3 days starting Thursday March 31st.  We’ll see you there!