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27 Feb 2017
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The second leg of the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown kicked off with style. With lines out at 4 pm on Day 1, the unofficial results put Smooth Move (16 sails, 1 marlin) in the lead. When the official results were posted, the nod went to Blue Eagle. Team Blue Eagle’s (11 sails, 2 marlin) and early finish were the deciding factors. Blue Eagle (3rd) and Smooth (4th) led the standings with 2100 points each. Agitator led Big Oh based on time (19 sails each). Thirteenth place Uno Mas (7 sails) and Xta Sea, 32nd, (4 sails) also landed 2 marlin. By the end of the day, 52 boats had released 518 sailfish and 11 marlin.

The end of Day 2 saw Agitator (3700 points) move into first place with 18 sails, for a combined 2-day total of 37 sails and 1 marlin, followed by Blue Eagle (3600 pts) with 11 sails and 2 marlin. Blue Eagle’s 2-day total count was 21 sails and 3 marlin. Outlaw (3400 points) finished the day with 16 sails and 1 marlin, for a 2-day total of 29 sails and 1 marlin.

The combined total for all boats on Day 3 was 628 sails, 16 marlin released. In the Day 3 standings, Dealer’s Choice took first with 24 sails (2400 points) on time over Southern Pride’s 2400 points (19 sailfish, 1 marlin). Agitator (2300 points) fell back to 3rd for the third day with 23 sails and still no marlin.

Leg II totals saw Agitator take first place for the leg with 60 sailfish and 6000 points. Dealer’s Choice and First Light tied on points, 5100), but Dealer’s Choice took second on time with 51 sails, while First Light released 41 sailfish and 2 marlin. The Day 3 total release was 628 sailfish and 16 marlin.

With 2 of the 3 legs in the record books, the cumulative total release for Leg I and II: 2377 sailfish and 255 marlin, more than all of the 2016 combined (1,848 sailfish, 7 marlin). With Leg 3 of the Los Sueños series still ahead, Agitator is in the lead with 90 sails and 7 marlin, total for a total of 12,500 pts. Currently second, Big Oh has released a total of 51 sails and 7 marlin for 11,300 pts. Hot off the stern is On Location, 45 sails, 8 marlin and a total of 10,700 pts.