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6 Feb 2016
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Costa Rica Real Estate

Purchasing a vacation home in Los Sueños Resort Costa Rica can be a wonderful investment, not only for the sake of your future memories but also for your financial portfolio. However, Costa Rica real estate investments must be cared for and if you’re not around to do it yourself, you’ll need to find someone to do it for you.

A good property manager who can safeguard your investment, as well as  market your property as a Los Sueños vacation rental  in order help you get a return. They will also provide on-site staff to check guests in and out, clean up after them and answer their questions—details that are hard to handle over the Internet or when you live elsewhere.

Vacant properties are vulnerable to everything from theft to deferred maintenance. No one wants to arrive for a relaxing vacation to find a burst water pipe, damaged roof tiles, or vandalism. In addition, regular maintenance—such as clearing gutters and drains, checking for leaks, corrosion, mold or mildew—is important to keep your investment looking its best in Costa Rica’s tropical climate. There are many things to consider in choosing a property manager. As an absentee owner, you are at a disadvantage: you simply don’t know where to find the well-qualified experts to rely upon.

Here is a great checklist of things to consider when you select a property manager:

  • Do you want a property manager to pay monthly bills—insurance, utilities, taxes, homeowner association fees?
  • Does your property manager have experience handling upmarket properties?
  • Will your property manager be available 24/7 for emergency response? Where is the manager/staff located and what is the response time?
  • How often will your property manager inspect your home? Weekly, monthly, annually?
  • Do you want to market your home as a vacation rental and if so, does your property manager coordinate related tasks?
    • Local and Internet marketing
    • Reservation enquiries
    • Booking proceses and payment collection
    • Maintenance and repairs
    • Housekeeping
    • Concierge services for guests
  • Does your property manager understand the language, local customs and how to do business in Costa Rica?
  • Does your property manager understand the U.S. tax implications for offshore properties? What about Costa Rican property taxes?
  • Does your property manager have access to professional services such as attorneys, tax experts or accountants?
  • Does your property manager screen housekeeping and maintenance staff members for trustworthiness, experience? Are they insured? Bonded?


HRG Properties and Rentals, located near Los Sueños Resort has years of experience in the property management in a tropical setting. As part of Hardy Real Estate Group, HRG’s property management team has an in-depth knowledge of all the properties at the resort.

In addition, HRG Vacations staff provides quality service to you and your guests, including concierge and vacation planning for your guests. From booking tee times to restaurant reservations, excursions to grocery shopping, HRG offers you full service worry-free property management and vacation rental expertise.