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24 Jan 2018
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The first leg of the Los Sueños Triple Crown Series kicked off Jan. 17. By the end of fishing on the 20th, a whopping 598 billfish—457 sailfish and 141 marlin—had been released, down from 2017’s first leg total of 997 billfish (785 sails and 212 marlin).

Wire We Here claimed the honors for the first of three legs in the Triple Crown tournament series with a final a total of 17 sailfish and 6 marlin for 4700 points. It was that sixth marlin that put the team over the top. Without it On Location would have edged them out, instead of finishing in second place. On Location had 4300 points and reeled in the most billfish of the series: 23 Pacific sailfish and 4 marlin. Tag Team II finished third with 4100 points: 11 sailfish and 6 marlin. Blue Eagle (on Hooker) finished fourth, releasing 15 sailfish and 5 marlin for 4000 points total.

Day One saw Geaux Fly in the top spot with 5 marlin and 2 sailfish released for 2700 points. They would ultimately finish in fifth place. Wire We Here took second place on Day One with 2100 points (6 sails and 3 marlin). Tag Team II, edged out Tuna Trappe for third place on time, at 5 sails, 3 marlin, and 2000 points each. Da Sea closed out the top five with 3 sailfish and 3 marlin totaling 1800 points.

At the end of the second day, a mere 100 points each separated the top five finishers. Tag Team II (total 8 sails, 5 marlin) edged out Geaux Fly (2 sails, 6 marlin, 3200 points) to secure first place with 3300 points total at the end of Day Two. Agitator followed close behind with 3100 points (6 sails, 5 marlin); Wire We Here finished fourth on the day (15 sails, 3 marlin, 3000 points) and Shoe closed out the top five with 4 sailfish and 5 marlin for 2900 points.

Stayed tuned for the second leg (Feb. 28 – March 3), when the marlin fishery tends to reach its peak in the offshore area around Los Sueños Resort and Marina. Tight lines.