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31 Aug 2018
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Traveling around the world in luxury and style is the dream of many, but the reality of very few. If you are the type that enjoys traveling in comfort to beautiful destinations around the world, enjoying a real vacation and relaxing time, you know that this usually comes with a high price tag. Thirdhome Luxury Property and Travel Club can make your dream a reality.

 Once you become a home owner of a beautiful luxury property in Los Sueños Resort and Marina or elsewhere in Costa Rica through HRG, you are getting the key to over 10,000 luxury homes around the world, for a very small fee you can enjoy the finest vacation villas and penthouse urban properties all over the world

HRG Properties has partnered with Thirdhome to offer its clients the opportunity to enjoy high-end luxury home stays across the globe.  Owners will have first-class concierge services included in their stay and can upgrade their exchange to properties valued up to $10 Million.

Owning a second home in Costa Rica is a great investment itself, but many times homeowners don’t get to use it as much as they would want to, this is where Thirdhome comes in, creating a system in which you “share” your home with other members and you get to stay at other member’s homes worldwide.  You simply donate weeks to the program and for each week your receive credits to be used around the world.

Thirdhome is not just an exchange club, its exclusivity makes it unique, all homes that participate in the program are pre-screened and located in the most desirable locations in the world; this makes home owners feel confident in knowing that their home is in good hands and that they too will arrive at a beautiful and safe location that will satisfy their every need.

The beauty of life is being able to have new adventures, to learn by visiting different destinations, and this is possible through Thirdhome and HRG. Perhaps this year you feel like skiing in Colorado or taking an exotic vacation in Thailand; make your second homework for you to make this a reality, travel the world in style and save money at the same time.

HRG’s partnership with Thirdhome gives you access to a free membership which otherwise has a cost of $2,500.00, you will also receive 2 bonus travel credits.

Make the best out of your investment, manage the times you can make your home available for other members, and choose your next travel destination, you have the control of your next adventure and the assistance and backing of the HRG team along with Thirdhome throughout the entire process.

Contact us today to learn more…..Adventure awaits