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30 Sep 2016
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Halloween can be a special kind of fun at Los Sueños Resort & Marina; a tropical vacation and all the fun of trick or treating, costume contests (for the young and the old) and Halloween tricks, treats and parties too. Every year the Los Sueños Resort team does a great job of putting together events for the young and the young at heart alike. Here are a few tips for having great fun on your Halloween vacation at Los Sueños.

Kid’s Halloween Fun at Los Sueños

  • Book a golf cart in advance for trick or treating with the kids. Los Sueños Resort is a pretty big place, so you’ll want to have a golf cart for getting around. Most people like to decorate their carts with spider webs and other hauntingly fun Halloween decorations.


  • Don’t plan to go door to door for trick or treating. Most communities are closed. However, the guards at each community gate all have plenty of candy! You’ll make your way around the resort and stop at each community entry so the kids can yell, “trick or treat!” or Costa Rica’s equivalent: “Halloween, Halloween!”


  • Be sure to put as much effort into great costumes as you would at home; but this time you can skip the warmth factor. Remember it’s hot and humid, so plan accordingly. Last year I dressed my grandson up as the Hulk and all his body paint melted off by the end of the day! He still looked pretty darn cute, though…


  • After you’ve made the candy rounds in the resort, head for the Marina Village. There will be plenty of candy at all the shops, offices and locations.


  • At the end of the day, its time for the costume contest. Typically this is held at the Hook Up around 5pm, where the adults can have a drink while the kids line up to see who takes the prize. You can always find the details of events on HRG’s Facebook page, or that of Los Sueños Resort.


  • Last but not least, head back to your vacation rental condo or villa, get some real food into the kids before they dive into that candy (Don’t cook- order in!), and then leave them with the sitter (remember the team at HRG can help you arrange for one!) to go get ready for your own party.


Adult Halloween Fun at Los Sueños


  • You may be planning on doing a little drinking this All Hallows Eve, so maybe skip the golf cart and opt for a private driver or a taxi. Your HRG concierge can arrange either for you.  It’s just as important to drink responsibly in Costa Rica as it is in the States! Stay safe and have a scarily fun evening.


  • Every year Los Sueños Resort holds a great Halloween costume contest for the adults too, so be sure to put as much thought and creativity into your disguise as you would back home. Remember, same tip applies for adults as it does for kids: Plan for hot and humid weather; great news for those going for that “sexiest costume” prize, as well as minimizing packing weight for that flight down to Costa Rica!

Halloween in Costa Rica can be great fun; this year it falls on a Monday, so why not plan now for a 3 or 4 day weekend and head on down to Los Sueños Resort?