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12 Aug 2017
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Holiday Vacations

Teachers are always seeking ways to inspire young minds; even on vacation. Fortunately, when you are headed somewhere like Costa Rica for the summer, there is practically no end to the inspiring stories, objects and ideas you can bring back to the classroom.

Here is our list of ten things teachers can do in Costa Rica that are sure to enlighten and delight.

Visit a turtle nesting site.

A moonlight visit to Tortuguero National Park can get you a spectacular view of green turtles nesting en masse. Not only will your students be fascinated by the idea of nesting turtles; the story of the green turtle's comeback in Costa Rica is a great lesson in conservation.

Take a zip line tour through the forest canopy.

Your students will be thrilled to see photos of you zipping along in mid-air. They will also love hearing about what it's like to be up high in a rainforest canopy, and to get a bird's eye view of the rainforest floor.

See an active volcano.

Odds are, your students have never seen an actual active volcano. Up-close videos and photos of a burbling, steaming volcano will nicely complement a lesson about how volcanoes helped build and shape the Costa Rican landscape.

Go on a crocodile tour.

What could be better than telling a class full of students that you spent an afternoon chasing crocodiles? Telling them you got this close to one, and you weren't even scared.

Go sport fishing.

Everyone loves a good fish story, and since Costa Rica features one of the world's most plentiful populations of big game fish, you're almost guaranteed to have a great one to tell if you head out for a fishing trip.

Learn to surf.

Your students will be inspired to hear that you tried something new, especially if it is something as cool as surfing. Of course, they will also love hearing about every time you wiped out.

Take a wildlife tour.

This is one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth, and getting kids excited about the capuchin monkeys and toucans you were able to spot on your trip is a good first step toward helping them understand and respect the beauty and majesty of the rainforest.

Hunt for souvenirs.

Pretty much anywhere you go, you are sure to find handcrafted, artisanal treasures that are perfect for bringing back to the classroom. Whether it is a large item to keep on your desk or some interesting Costa Rican candies to hand out to your students, they'll appreciate the thought.

Learn a little Spanish- or practice what you already know!

One summer is plenty enough time to learn some key phrases, which you can have fun passing on to your students.

Get to know the culture.

While you're in Costa Rica, make it a point to get to know the locals, and go where they go and eat where they eat. You'll have a much richer story to tell your students about what life is really like in Costa Rica, and what the people are really all about.

Costa Rica is the perfect teacher's summer vacation. With so much to do, see, discover and learn, you're bound to have plenty of interesting stories to take back to your students.