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28 Apr 2022
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Holiday Vacations

As the school year begins to wind down, many families find themselves planning fun family activities to fill those summer months. Summertime in most other places in the world is rainy season, or as we like to call it, Green Season here in Costa Rica! While many people tend to visit this tropical paradise during the dryer months (December to April) , what many people don’t realize is there is so much to enjoy and experience throughout the months of May to November.  As the afternoon showers and night time rains begin, Costa Rica begins to come alive, as the flora and fauna awaken with the sweet drops of the much anticipated rainfall. 

In addition to slightly cooler temperatures, finding some great off season deals and having more of the beach to yourself, as they tend to be less crowded, the reality is you can enjoy all of the same activities in Costa Rica throughout the green season, with some added bonuses! We simply suggest that you plan your activities for the morning and early afternoon hours, as the rains typically tend to come early evening and overnight. 

Surf’s Up: Bigger and Better Waves

One of the main reasons people from around the world prefer Costa Rica, from May to November, are for the waves.  In our neighboring town, Jaco, the waves are perfect for beginners all year long, but for those looking to see what surfing in Costa Rica is really all about, these are the best months to come! With the added rainfall and shift in seasons, you’ll find some of the best waves of your life on nearby beaches such as Playa Hermosa. Playa Hermosa is a surfers paradise and even if the waves are too daunting, you will see all the pros in action during these months.  It’s the perfect time to grab a seat on the beach and watch the show!

Why is it called Green Season?

In case it wasn’t obvious, Green Season has been named so, because with the summer rains, the nature and wildlife of Costa Rica really comes to life and the vibrant colors that Costa Rica is known for make their yearly debut.  Everything begins to blossom and grow and it becomes the perfect time for some jungle trekking, mountain climbing, waterfall swimming or river rafting. There are many accessible waterfalls nearby Los Sueños Resort and Marina, making it the perfect homebase. Check out our recommendations or simply ask our concierge team for more info!

There She Blows! Whale Watching

One of the most magical things about visiting Costa Rica in these months is the chance to see the magnificent humpback whales that arrive each year. Every July and August, humpback whales from Antarctica travel to Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coastal waters to mate and give birth. The best way to ensure an up close and personal meet and greet with these beautiful creatures is to head about an hour south from Los Sueños to Ballena National Marine Park where you can head out on a whale watching tour. Just ask our staff for help booking a tour.

Come See for Yourself

If you aren’t already convinced that visiting Costa Rica this summer is a must add to your families bucket list, reach out to our team! Our professional staff can help you with all your traveling needs.

We’ll see you soon at Los Sueños Resort and Marina! Pura Vida.