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9 Jul 2022
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Playa Jaco is one of the most popular and sought after beach towns in Costa Rica. Located on the central pacific coast, about 90 minutes from San Juan International airport, people from all around the world make Jaco a must see location when traveling to Costa Rica.  

While Jaco is partially known for its nightlife, there is another side to this bustling surf town for adventure seekers and families alike! Below is our take on how to spend the perfect day in Jaco Beach.  

Starting the Day off Right

One of our favorite ways to kick off a perfect day in Jaco is with a long walk on the beach, first thing in the morning, as the light peaks over the mountain range.  The dark chocolate sand beach in Jaco is several kilometers long and is ideal for walking, jogging or even doing a little yoga. 

If you prefer a slightly more challenging walk/hike, we suggest Miro Mountain Viewpoint. Easily accessible at the south end of Jaco, the hike is only about 1 km and takes about 20 minutes. We suggest wearing walking shoes and bringing water with you. Once you reach the viewpoint you are in for a treat, as you will set your eyes on some of the best aerial views of Jaco!

After a little morning movement, time to head into town for some breakfast.  La Artesanal, a local French bakery and coffee shop, is one of our favorite spots.  They have a wide selection on their menu and some of the best croissants and pastries around!  Looking for some alternative options, just ask our concierge team.

Time for an Adventure

As the morning comes to a close it’s the perfect time to think about setting out for an adventure.  Playa Jaco is conveniently situated between the mountains and the ocean with much to see and do!  From ATV tours, to zipline canopy, horseback riding on the beach, and surfing; there is no bad choice! If you are looking for advice in choosing your activity or help with making reservations, just ask our concierge team!

Pro Tip: If surfing is on your wishlist, check the tide charts in advance.  Surfing in Jaco is great for all levels of experience, but the best time for surfing is at high tide, so this will dictate your schedule for the day a bit.

After your adventure if you’re feeling hungry, check out some of the great lunch options in town including Los Mahi Tacos de Cholo, Greenroom, El Point, or Soda Jaco Rustico for some authentic Costa Rican cuisine!

Winding Down the Day

After a day full of activity, there is nothing better than having some time to relax and unwind, so grab a towel and your favorite refreshments and head to the beach.  Ending the day with friends and family on the beach with a front row view to catch the sunset, is a must when in Costa Rica and not to mention, the sunsets in Jaco are spectacular all year round!

Pro Tip: Don’t get up and leave as soon as the sun goes down.  Stick around for a bit and watch the colors of the sky become more vibrant and rich with each passing minute. It’s worth the wait!

Paradise on the Central Pacific Coast

Jaco truly is a one of a kind beach town offering beautiful beaches, amazing adventures, great restaurants from around the world and a vibrant nightlife.  There really is something for everything in this bustling coastal paradise. We hope you enjoy!