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23 Jul 2018
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Holiday Vacations

Planning your vacation should always be fun and stress free, but when you are traveling to a foreign country sometimes anxiety can take over as a result of not knowing your destination well enough and what to expect. We all want to make the best out of our vacation while at the same time having time to relax and know that everything will go smoothly.

If you are vacationing in Los Sueños Resort and Marina you already made the first good decision to ensure a wonderful experience in a gorgeous luxury destination, but if you are having doubts on which of the villas or condominiums to stay in or which tours to take, etc. the best thing to do is choose a company that will help plan your vacation in Los Sueños for you…not just any company, the right one.

            This is our guide on how to choose the right company to plan your vacation in Los Sueños:

1. Reputation & Reviews:  This is probably the first thing you should look into, but make sure you do a thorough job of it, pay special attention to the bad reviews since it is easy to tell if these are legitimate or not, if the complaints are usually the same or similar it should raise an alert. If you have family members of friends that have already used a company, ask them for references and/or suggestions.

2. Professional Service: It is easy to tell if a company will give you a professional service or not, it is kind of how you know if a restaurant runs a clean operation just by visiting the bathroom; from the moment they answer the phone or an email you can tell if they care about customer service or not, don’t be afraid to ask them all the questions you may have.  Someone running a professional business will care about the quality of the service they provide from the initial contact, will be polite always and as resourceful as possible. Honesty is also important, beware of companies that will promise everything just to make a sale.

3. Costs: Make sure to compare, more expensive is not always better just the same as cheap is not always bad, there is a good middle ground where you are paying a fair price for the services you are receiving. When it comes to costs, transparency is key, be sure to inquire if there are any additional or hidden costs and ask them to send the complete details on what you are paying for by email (in writing) this way there are no misunderstandings.

4. Options and Adequate Information: You work hard all year to enjoy a few days of vacation, so you want to make sure that the company that is planning your vacation really gets this and is in the business of giving you an unforgettable and unique experience that will make you want to go back for more. Be clear about what you expect and what you’d like to do, your family’s needs and preferences, and let them give you options. A company planning your vacation should always be able to provide adequate information and suggestions depending on your budget, preferences, time in the country, etc.

5. Flexibility: As much as we all would love to have things 100% under control there are always situations that will throw our plans out the window, weather problems for example, and illness or injury, itinerary changes, etc. Companies in the tourism industry know that these unexpected things happen and should be flexible to work with you and accommodate you accordingly, more importantly they should tell you ahead of time whether changes in the plan will cause additional costs, fees, etc.

HRG Properties and Rentals is the most reputable real estate and vacation rental group in Los Sueños, and will help plan your vacation down to the last detail.

HRG will not only find you the ideal villa or condominium in Los Sueños for your family or group but will also help you arrange transportation, tours, reservations, private dinners, allowing you to just sit back and relax knowing that you are in the hands of a company that has plenty of experience in the Costa Rican market while working with international quality standards.