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25 Aug 2016
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Holiday Vacations

The kids are back in school, and there’s a 3 day weekend right around the corner! This is the perfect time for a grown-up getaway – a little something to relax and reward yourself after the long, hot dog days and chaos of summer. So, call up Grandma- or Aunt Sue- or whoever else is in your village to watch the kids, and book a flight (they’re darn cheap these days!). It’s times to get away.

Los Sueños Resort in Costa Rica has lots of exciting, adventurous things to do, but if you’re looking to relax and get away from it all, there’s really no better place – and no better time. This is the green season in Costa Rica – a time when you can expect few crowds and especially attentive service pretty much anywhere you go. Here are just some of the quiet indulgences you will be able to enjoy:

Spa days

Costa Rica’s tropical setting lends itself to tranquility and relaxation. Having a spa day in the rainforest is the ultimate indulgence. You’ll find a number of delightful spas in the resort and nearby. Sibo Spa in the Los Sueños Resort is one of the best; it offers decadent beauty treatments and a range of massages, including a wonderful couple’s massage.

Relaxing on the beach

There are over 800 miles of coastline in Costa Rica, offering every kind of beach experience.  There are terrific, uncrowded, unspoiled beaches on the Pacific coast very near Los Sueños Resort, and its a great time to pack a picnic lunch and lounge under a palm tree all day.

Hot Springs

Costa Rica features a number of active volcanoes, some of which have created indulgent hot springs thanks to the geothermal energy they produce. There really is nothing like a good hot soak in a decadent rainforest setting, and one of the best places to indulge is the Arenal area, where you’ll find everything from secluded springs that only let in a few visitors at a time to resort and spa settings with pools and restaurants.

Wildlife Watching

From national parks, to rainforest beaches, to your own hotel grounds, there are literally hundreds of places to take a leisurely wildlife-watching excursion in Costa Rica, and thousands upon thousands of animal species to see. Some favorites, like the capuchin monkey and the scarlet macaw, are plentiful and much easier to spot than you might think. Hiking, ATV tours, horseback riding, and zipline canopy tours are all fun, and easily accessible, ways to see the abundance of flora and fauna that Costa Rica has to offer.


Shopping is always fun in Costa Rica, especially if you’re looking to take a leisurely trip through small-town markets. You are sure to find one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted items to take home, and best of all, when you come during green season, you will avoid the crowds and find the best items, and possibly the best discounts.  You can always stop in at a traditional Costa Rican restaurant, called a “soda,” for a delicious and cheap meal to cap off your day.

Sport Fishing

Call the team at HRG and book a half day or full day of fishing. The excitement and challenge of bringing in the big one are sure to make for a perfect day for you and your partner. The best part? After a long, fun day out on the water, you can ask the concierge at HRG to hook you up with a private chef to come by and whip up the perfect, romantic  evening meal with you catch. Imagine, candlelight out on the balcony, palms swaying on the evening breeze, and a sumptuous dinner of freshly caught  mahi mahi just for the two of you.


It’s been a long,hot summer and you’ve had some great family fun. Now’s the time, however, for the grownups to escape. Call the sitter and book a flight; HRG has the perfect vacation condo in paradise just waiting to host you for some peace and quiet, romance, and adventure.