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7 Apr 2021
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As we move into April, the Green Season of Costa Rica is about the begin- and, here near Los Sueños,  we love this time of year. 

The green season goes from late April or early May to mid-November.

Green season afternoons in Costa Rica: The perfect way to wrap up a day after the morning hours of adventure and fun. 

Beautiful rainy afternoons in Costa Rica are the perfect time to:

  • Head for the spa or schedule a massage therapist to come to your accommodations

  • Relax in a hammock with a good book

  • Enjoy a delicious nap to the sound of rain patter on your roof-top 

  • Or, just sit and gaze out at the rain, which is inevitably followed by an amazing rainbow. 

Great reasons to visit Costa Rica during the green season, from May to mid-November. 

We could probably think of so many more, but these are a few of our favorite reasons to come to Costa Rica for a stay at Los Sueños Resort during the green season. 

Quiet and uncrowded, you’ll enjoy more private tours and activities, fewer folks and the beach, and easier access to reservation-free dining, spa appointments, tee time on the golf course, and more.

Everything is lush and beautiful and fruitful

The flora and fauna truly come alive during the green season in Costa Rica, so hiking, biking, and horseback riding are are everyone's favorite.

Also, several different kinds of incredible, seasonal tropical fruits are available during these months. Have you ever tried a mamón chino, mangosteen, jocote, starfruit, and cacao straight from the forest?  This is the time of year to do it!

River rafting is at its best

The green season is the best time of year to go river rafting. The rivers are up and the rapids are high; this will be an amazing experience and the adventure of a lifetime. 

In addition to the exciting river run you and the gang will experience, you’ll also get a front-row seat to some of the most amazing flora and fauna you’ve ever witnessed, as the river winds down through the deep Costa Rican rainforest.

Tours, activities, and accommodations tend to be less expensive in green season

During this time of the year hotels and vacation rentals tend to adjust their rates down. Tour companies do the same. Since the green season coincides with summer vacation for kids in the U.S. this is is a great time to come to Costa Rica with the entire family and enjoy some big savings. 

Temperate weather- it's not too hot at the beaches

Costa Rica beach towns can get pretty hot in the summertime (thank goodness for the central A/C that is available in every HRG rental). The green season is quite literally a breath of fresh air. 

Still, plenty of sunshine and warm, temperate weather allows you to enjoy the outdoors and work on that tan, the green season also brings with it cool tradewinds that keep you comfortable while out having fun in the sun. 

The best surf of the year is during Costa Rica's Green Season

Amazing swells usually arrive in Cosa Rica surf towns between April and November! If you surf, you’re going to love the green season- it’s a surfers paradise. 

Just down the road from Herradura, where Los Sueños Resort & Marina are located, there is an amazing surf beach called Playa Hermosa. Jaco has great waves for all levels of experience. Find different spots for the incoming and the outgoing tides.

The Costa Rica sunsets are surreal

If this is a romantic getaway, the sunsets will add a spectacular touch to your evenings. Enjoy them from your private balcony or patio, or book a sunset cruise. Vibrant hues of pink, orange, yellow, purple, and blue make up these stunning sunsets. Grab a couple of sundowners, pull up a hammock or chair, and enjoy. 

Sea turtles are hatching

A very special time of year, this is when the Oliver Ridley turtles come up to the beach to lay their eggs, and then the babies hatch and make their way to the sea. You’ll need to book a tour at night, it’s well worth the effort to see this amazing feat of nature.