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30 May 2021
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Your Costa Rica is up for fun and adventure: Check out these unique experiences. 

For such a little country, Costa Rica has plenty going on for you. Offering up 12 marked climate zones, mountains, plains, beaches, rivers, and lakes, as well as rainforests, cloud forests, and dry forests- there are plenty of unique experiences to be had. 

As you start planning your Costa Rica vacation, the concierge team here at HRG can help you plan some activities that will help you capture the true essence of Costa Rica and all that it has to offer. 

Sportfishing in Costa Rica

Fishing in Costa Rica is a dream come true for anyone who loves spending time on the water. The country has some of the most diverse fishing opportunities in the world, with inshore and offshore options to suit any angler's desires. You can try your luck at catching big game like tuna or sailfish - both are plentiful near shore where they hang around just waiting for fishermen trying their hand! 

Los Sueños Resort and Marina is the perfect place for fishing enthusiasts. Costa Rica's waters are full of big game, with one of the largest concentrations of Pacific sailfish found anywhere in Central America. 

With recognition from tournaments like the Los Sueños Triple Crown and the Offshore World Championship, Costa Rica has really been on a fishing high. For over a decade now, these big fish contests have broken records for catching sailfish and marlin. 

Sunset cruises on the central Pacific of Costa Rica

Join us for an incredible adventure on the high seas with our one of kind Sunset Cruise. You'll get to experience life at sea as we take you out into open water and show off Costa Rica's spectacular coastline from a whole new perspective.

You and the gang will climb aboard a  catamaran in the late afternoon and feel the ocean breeze through your hair as you sail out of Herradura Bay and into the open sea. 

The tours vary, but some may include snacks or snorkeling depending on the time of day.

Feeling romantic? Bring along a bottle of wine or champagne to celebrate the ocean evening with your partner. 

Costa Rica's spectacular Tortuga Island

Leave the mainland behind and spend a day on Tortuga Island, known for its pristine white sandy beaches. As you make your way to the island on a catamaran, get ready to spot plenty of ocean life such as dolphins and turtles. 

Once on the island, you can lounge on the beach sipping rum punch and piña coladas, and feeding fruit to the Island pet Filomena, the island’s pet peccary pig, and most famous resident.  

Feel like being in the water? Go swimming in the gentle waves of crystal clear blue waters. Snorkeling is also a great deal of fun here, as there is a “shipwreck” to snorkel around and you’re likely to spot hundreds of colorful fish, anemones, and perhaps even Nemo!

Offering up kayaking, banana boat rides, and StandUp Paddleboarding, there is plenty of fun in the sun and water on Tortuga Island. 

There are hiking trails and volleyball nets, a gift shop, locker rooms with showers, a bar, and a restaurant - plenty to keep you and your group entertained, comfortable, and happy for the entire day.  

Off-roading Side by Side Buggy

Explore the area’s rice fields and rain forests on a 4X4 buggy tour that is the perfect family-friendly way to get off the beaten path. You’ll catch sight of toucans, monkeys, macaws, gorgeous electric blue-colored butterflies and so much more! 

As you follow your guide along a tropical river, you’ll spot the bright birds that nest alongside the water and enjoy sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. Discover hidden waterfalls and zoom up the side of a mountain; there is an abundance of fun in this adventurous activity for the entire family.

Ziplining + horseback riding to local Costa Rica waterfalls

Maybe one of the very best ways to experience the rainforest of Costa Rica, during this tour you’ll fly like superman through the rainforest canopy and then, to get a jungle floor view, you’ll go by horseback to discover and enjoy natural swimming holes and a magical waterfall. 

This may just be one of the very best ways to discover the wonders of the Costa Rica rainforest.

ATV tours 

Hitting the open road on an ATV is a thrilling experience for those who enjoy adrenaline-pumping adventures, but they're so much more than just an ATV ride. Your tour guide will take you through some of Costa Rica's most scenic areas while giving you detailed information about all that surrounds your journey. Whether it be waterfalls or hidden gems, this adventure has something everyone can enjoy!


Ziplining, rappelling waterfalls, and hiking are all part of the fun on this eco-adventure tour. Want more? No problem! You can go cliff jumping from heights up to 25- feet and swim in fresh watering holes too. 

Guides instruct you on the proper use of equipment, safety & technique; after a 5-minute hike to your first zipline it's 2 "zips" over the river then another short hike down-river for some swimming or jumping if you're up for the challenge! If not there are 4 waterfalls waiting too ... 

After 15- minutes more backpacking out into nature we'll return with plenty of stories from our adventures - now who wants lunch?

Combined ziplining/rappeling/hiking is always an adventurous experience in Costa Rica. Reach out to your HRG concierge to learn more today.