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23 Jan 2023
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Holiday Vacations

By the end of winter, everyone is ready to escape to somewhere warm. A spring break by the

ocean might be calling you. Yet, it can be stressful choosing a place that meets everyone's

needs. Our past clients have found that Costa Rica has everything they were looking for. Here

are 7 reasons why Costa Rica is the perfect place to bring your family on spring break.

The Weather is Perfect

There’s no better time of year to visit Costa Rica than in the springtime. There is virtually no rain

until May, so you can plan any activity under the sun without worrying about the rain. The ocean

is calm for boating and fishing, and the water is clear for snorkeling. Did we mention perfect

sunsets? Without any rain clouds, you can watch the sun go down over the pacific every

evening. The cherry on top of the perfect vacation.

Adventure Awaits

Nothing says spring break like warm weather and adventure sports. Our concierge team can

schedule all of your activities for you. Parents and kids will love going out for a day of

sportfishing, leaving from right here at the world class Los Sueños Marina. Everyone can learn

to surf and make memories riding waves in the warm pacific waters. You can even take the

whole family on an off-road buggy jungle ride to a waterfall. The possibilities are endless, and

we would be happy to arrange it all for you.

Enchanting Nature

No other destination has Costa Rica beat when it comes to nature and wildlife. From your

balcony you will see Scarlet Macaws flying overhead in the mornings. Our resort is home to

many unique species, including toucans, white-face capuchin monkeys, green iguanas, and

sloths! Your kids will love seeing these special animals that can scarcely be found anywhere but


The Perfect Setting

Traveling internationally with your family can be a bit stressful. Is it safe? How will we navigate

the area? Our home, Los Sueños Resort and Marina is the answer to all of your worries. It’s

where exploration meets luxury, and excitement meets comfort. The kids will love to walk or take

a golf cart ride to Dolce Vita for a gelato, and parents will love trying our different restaurants

without having to travel far. This safe community has a little bit of everything you are looking for.

By the end of your trip, you’ll feel like Los Sueños is your home away from home.

Los Sueños Beach Club

No spring break is complete without a piña colada served to you in a swim-up bar. The beach

club is truly the place where the whole family can enjoy themselves. The kids can play for hours

between the different pools, the jungle gym, the jacuzzi, the sandy beach, and having snacks at

the Al Fresco cafe. The beach club is the perfect place to come and have fun while the dads are

golfing, or to relax after a morning of activities, or just to spend an awesome day under the sun.


Going on vacation can still be a lot of work for parents if you don’t have the help of an extra set

of hands. At HRG Rentals and Properties, we have the best team of child care professionals

who can help with this. Hiring one of our trained, bilingual nannies can help you enjoy your

vacation to the fullest. Whether you want to go offshore fishing and leave the little ones at home,

or simply go out for a night of adult fun, you’ll know that your kids are safe and having fun with a

trusted babysitter.

Travel is a Learning Experience

Giving your children the gift of travel is something you’ll never regret. The opportunity to learn

about a new country is far beyond what they can learn in their school books. Costa Rica is a

safe place to experience a different culture amongst some of the kindest people on the planet -

Costa Ricans aka Ticos! Their lives will be forever changed after a trip to the land of Pura Vida.

The HRG vacation experience has something for the whole family. There is no better time than

now to book your family vacation to Costa Rica. Our team will be happy to help you plan the trip

of a lifetime!