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15 Jun 2020
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Fishing Reports

It has been a solid couple of weeks for sailfish and wahoo out of Los Sueños Marina, Costa Rica.

We’ve been getting amazing reports from anglers out with their favorite captain and crew from the charter dock, “the bite is red hot” is what’s heard, up and down the dock. Some resort residents are having a blast fishing on their own boats as well. 

“Fished two hours caught 7 for 15 bites” “Took us one hour to get to the bite from the marina, caught and released 70 for 100 plus bites” Capt Brandon Walton

Talking about burning arms, this type of action keeps the crew and anglers busy, needless to say, they had their hands full all day.

Top Fly with Captain Rudy and crew Oscar and Junior took the boat out for a spin June 13 and broke the

boat record with 42 sails. They started fishing at 9:00 am until 3:30 pm. Christian Rojas Maverick’s director and girlfriend were the anglers on the boat. They had doubles and triples and quads, everyone had a blast.

Capt Dana Thomas on the Hoo’s Your Daddy II, the latest addition to their fleet of now two Topaz yachts, Hoo’s Your Daddy 36’ and Hoo’s Your Daddy II 39’, caught and released 40 sails, five Mahi Mahi and a couple of tunas on June 14th “the bite is only 20+ miles from Los Suenos” the capt mentioned as he stepped off the boat.  Jamin Hazelaar long time friend and client originally from San Diego, with multiple businesses in Costa Rica, was the angler along with some of his friends from San Jose.

People are asking? What’s making the bite so good? What’s making this year different?

The answer to those questions is easy, actually last year was similar. At the moment there’s bait at the corner and even with the afternoon rains we’ve been having, the water temperature has been perfect, the clarity of the water is also good. We have a bite year round but now the conditions of the water and bait are helping to raise those numbers

On the other hand, wahoo action is just south of the marina, a typical day lately consists of running 23 miles out, catch a few wahoo, dorado, and tuna, on the way back bottom fish for snapper and grouper. Once at the resort, we enjoy our fried fish fingers and blackened filets at the Hookup, upstairs at the Marina Village. Sometimes we just call our favorite chef Jimmy T, he can do an outstanding surf and turf at your condo.