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2 Feb 2024
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Fishing Reports

Apart from the exciting fishing action, the tournaments also includes social events and activities for
participants and their families. Anglers can enjoy delicious meals, live entertainment, and networking
opportunities with fellow fishing enthusiasts

Book your tickets and reserve your accommodations to participate in the fun for leg 2 and 3 of Los
Suenos Triple Crown. It is the perfect opportunity for anglers to showcase their expertise and compete
for prestigious titles in various categories. With an abundance of fish species and the stunning backdrop
of Los Sueños, the coming months promise to be an unforgettable experience for all fishing enthusiasts.
We are also taking reservations for 2025 season.

Our fishing season in the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica began with a thrilling start with Pelagic
Rockstar Offshore Tournament on January 12 and 13. Anglers from around the world showcased their
impressive skills and competed fiercely for the ultimate prize. The excitement continued with the highly
anticipated Los Suenos Ladies Only Tournament on January 16, where female anglers demonstrated
their prowess on the water.

Just a few days later, the renowned Los Suenos Triple Crown took place from January 18 to 20. This
prestigious tournament attracted the best anglers in the world, who battled it out for glory and
recognition in various categories.

And to culminate the month of exhilarating fishing events, Los Suenos Marina was the hub for the 61st
International Masters Angling Tournament. This flagship event delivered unparalleled fishing action and
brought together anglers from all corners of the globe.
Join us as we celebrate the art of angling and witness the incredible skill and determination of the
world's finest anglers during February and March events.

Pelagic Rockstar Offshore Tournament Stats:

 91 Teams
 483 anglers representing 14 different countries
 $1,401,200 in total prize money
 1,098 total billfish released
 1,081 sailfish, 14 blue marlin, 2 black marlin, 1striped marlin
 12 billfish releases per team average
 22 different winners received checks and/or trophies

Amongst the first five of many winners we congratulate the teams

Fish Tank/Galati $321,610
Game Plan $238,800
Kelly Dawn $116,400
Dragin Fly/Maverick 45 $104,400
Cabana $104,400

Los Suenos Ladies Only
1 st Place Sea Angel

Los Suenos Triple Crown First Leg

  • Team Points
  • Grand Slam 8400
  • Miss AC 7600
  • Fish Tank`` 7100
  • Sea Angel 6800
  • Free Spool 6500

Total Bill fish Released 1933 only for leg 1 of the Los Suenos Triple Crown
The 61st International Masters Angling Tournament is one of the premier fishing events in the world. It
was held in the beautiful fishing destination of Los Suenos, Costa Rica. Known for its abundant marine
life and stunning coastline, Los Suenos offers anglers the perfect setting for a thrilling fishing experience.
Participants in the tournament had the opportunity to fish aboard top-of-the-line sportfishing boats and
compete against some of the best anglers in the world. The event is not only about the competition but
also about camaraderie and the shared passion for angling.
International Masters Angling Tournament Stats:

1. Lachalan Cheatham

2. JC Gonzalez

3. Carmine Galati

4.David Johnson

5.Trey Wills

350 1870

Final Boat Standings
1. Amarula Sun
2. Pura Vida
3. Ohana
4. Finn Tech
5. Lucky 7