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11 May 2020
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Expat Living

Los Sueños Resort and Costa Rica provide the ideal environment to work from home.  Costa Rica is one of the safest places in the world when it comes to COVID 19, our numbers speak for themselves with only eight deaths in the country as of May 13, 2020. As work from home becomes a normal way of life for many of us, it only makes sense to look at Costa Rica as a place of permanent or partial residency for remote work.  The incredible climate, beautiful scenery, and friendly culture of the locals makes this country one of the top countries in the world to settle in and get to work.  Los Sueños Resort is world-renowned as one of the premier destinations in Central America, so why not work from paradise?

A few things you should consider if you are ready to transition to your work vacation:

1.     High-speed internet is a must

Luckily, Los Sueños Resort offers some of the best high-speed internet access in the entire country. With multiple services to choose from, you can set up redundant systems even for those most dependent on constant connectivity.  

2.     The right workspace is crucial

To keep your level of productivity high and create the ideal space for video conferencing, communication via telephone, apps, and email you will need ample space indoor and out. All of the properties in the Resort feature large great room areas with and optional third bedrooms to make a wonderful workspace. Condo and home terraces and balconies are also large enough to set up an outdoor office.  

3.     Work visa requirements

You can live and work from home without a work visa and simply renew your tourist visa every ninety days with a three day to another country.  All you need is your laptop, internet access, and a smartphone. HRG concierge service can help you with information on how to purchase a local smartphone card.  If you end up purchasing real estate then our team can help to gain residency so that you can get some added benefits of living here.

 4. A cultural experience never to be forgotten

Many people worldwide know the Costa Rica local phrase of, Pura Vida! Literally translated it means “full of life” and it is used to greet people, say good-by, as a feeling of how you are doing, and in many other ways.  It is truly the metaphor that describes an entire people, country, and culture.  Whether you come down solo or bring the family, you are certain to experience what has been labeled the “happiest country in the world”, by many international studies. 

5. Working from home keeps you closer to friends and family

Throughout this crisis, many of us have experienced how great it is to get closer to the family and other loved ones.  Working from home allows for those relationships to grow and for the family unit to become closer.