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5 May 2016
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Expat Living

If you’re like most expats living in Costa Rica, you chose this beautiful country because of its exotic landscape, wildlife and affordable lifestyle. Congratulations on deciding to join the Los Sueños community to boot; you couldn’t have selected a better location to settle. 

As with any change, moving to a different country—no matter how widely traveled you are—can be challenging. Here are our five tips to help you settle into your new life in paradise.

Careful planning

Time your arrival at your new home to avoid the height of tourist season or the holiday season. Give yourself a chance to find your way around the neighborhood without having to fight crowds in the stores or on the streets. Moving is stressful, give yourself time.

Embrace the difference

The Tico culture and lifestyle center around the national philosophy: Pura Vida. Pura Vida means a respect for the natural harmony of life and living in harmony with it instead of striving against it. The pace of life is slower and Ticos generally have no sense of urgency about life’s daily tasks.

Take advantage

At Los Sueños Resort & Marina, your neighbors have already been through much of what you’re facing; ask for their advice or recommendations. Every situation is different and you’ll naturally want to do things your way, but you don’t have to face every challenge without the benefit of others’ experiences. 

Speak up

Learn at least some Spanish—having numbers, directions, simple requests and phrases under your belt can go a long way toward making life easier. Speaking some Spanish won’t help you with intricate legal transactions, but you’ll at least follow the process and know when to ask questions. You don’t have to speak like a native, but at some point, English will not be of much help to you. Speaking louder or slower will not improve communications if no one around you speaks English.

Reach out

Part of the reason you decided to move to Costa Rica is the diversity of its people and culture.
If you only hang out with other expatriates, you’re missing an opportunity to enrich your life with new perspectives on living. Ticos won’t push themselves forward; if you’re respectful and genuinely interested, you just might form new, lasting friendships.

Moving is never easy, whether around the block or across the world. Expat life in Costa Rica has many benefits and you’re obviously open to the possibilities ahead of you—you wouldn’t have taken the plunge. The staff at HRG Properties and Rentals are committed to helping you make a successful move; just ask them for a little help if you need it.