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11 Apr 2023
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Expat Living

Many people dream of it, but few actually do it. If you have ever visited, you know

exactly what we’re talking about. Leaving your busy life behind and moving to Costa

Rica. It sounds easy enough, right? Life in the tropics, low cost of living, warm weather

year round. But how do you actually do it? Change houses, manage work, and start a

new life in Costa Rica. Here, we address the main things you’ll want to consider if you’re

interested in moving to Costa Rica.


Figuring Out What’s Best for You

Imagine you’ve sorted out your circumstances back home. Many HRG clients prefer to

split their time between North America and Costa Rica at first. You may want to keep

your home and vehicles or you may want to downsize. To get a feel for what your new

life in Costa Rica may be like, we recommend renting to start. We’ve had many clients

who choose to rent long term in Los Sueños before finding their dream home. There’s a

lot to consider: Do you want to be beachfront, or in the mountains with an ocean view?

Do you want the convenience of a condominium, or the luxury of your own villa? Will

you want to purchase land and build, or find the right house that’s already on the

market? All of these are valid questions that you will probably find the answer to after

living in Costa Rica for a little while. At HRG Properties & Rentals, we would be more

than happy to find the perfect rental for you as you continue the search for your new



Your Inside Connection to the Market

The next step is finding a trusted real estate agent. It’s important to find a realtor who

understands your wants and needs, and who understands the market really well. Our

team has been selling real estate in the area for decades, and they understand the

market and our clientele like the back of their hand! We would love to match you with

the right agent who can work with you over the long term to find the perfect home for

you, at the perfect moment. We have long standing relationships with developers and

other constituents to the local market, and we know a good opportunity when we find

one. Remember, there is something for everybody, and it is our job to help you find your



Become a Resident

After you make the move to Costa Rica, you may be interested in becoming an official

expat and seeking residency. There are a few ways to do this. We would be happy to

help you pick the right way, and additionally, we recommend hiring a lawyer to help you

see the process to completion. If you plan to purchase property, Costa Rica has a

special residency application just for you, an investor’s residency. This may be your

best solution if you intend to buy your new home. If you prefer to rent long term, you

may qualify by proving a certain income and depositing it in a Costa Rican bank account

each month for your expenses. This is a great option if you want to stay here throughout

the year but you aren’t quite ready to purchase. If you plan to simply come and go with

ease, there is no need for extra paperwork, as you would enter and exit the country

under a tourist visa. This works great for many expats, as long as you plan to stay in

Costa Rica for no longer than 90 days at a time.

HRG, Your Answer to Relocation 

We understand that everyone has their own ideals when it comes to relocating to Costa

Rica. Many look to retire. Others see it as a great place to spend their time off. More

and more, people see it as a tropical paradise from where you can work remotely.

Whether you plan to have a home to drop in and out of, or you want to move here

permanently, we have a range of options for you. Come see why more and more people

are saying that this amazing little country is the perfect place to relocate to.