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9 Jun 2017
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Destination Weddings

Getting Married in Costa Rica saves money, creates memories, and delivers so much more than traditional nuptials on the home-front.

Getting married? There is a bountiful list of reasons why a destination wedding in Costa Rica is a great way to go. From surrounding your nuptials in nature, to spending extra quality time with your nearest and dearest, getting married in Los Sueños Resort is full of blissful, nuptial sweeteners. Here are the top 6 reasons we believe your destination wedding at Los Sueños will be the wedding of your dreams:

Less formality, more fun

According to a recent report from Mintel U.S. weddings, nearly 60% percent of couples want to create a fun, relaxing, memorable party, rather than a stuffy, traditional, formal kind of event. “Destination weddings are especially accommodating for couples steering away from the traditional black-tie wedding,” says Susie Papadin of Alison Events. “The majority take place in leisure locations, which are far more conducive to a casual feel.” A Costa Rica destination wedding at Los Sueños Resort provides all the luxury a couple would want for their special day, while at the same time delivering spectacularly on nature, fun, discovery, and adventure.

Shorter guest lists, as well as spared feelings 

Most traditional guest lists weigh in at just under 150 invites (that’s a lot of cake!), while destination weddings average just under 50. Moving your wedding venue to Costa Rica means you can send announcements, rather than invitations, with no concern for hurt feelings. Distant relatives, causal acquaintances, and business associates won’t expect to be invited (and may even be relieved!), thus saving you a bundle on food, beverages, party favors, and venue, and also allowing you a more intimate setting for that most important day.

Location, Location, Location: It’s a non-issue

What to do when one half of the happy couple is from Dallas, and the other from Brazil, but both live, work, and socialize in Los Angeles? Families and friends will feel happier to meet in the middle than to travel to the home town of one or the other; and, since all will be traveling to that tropical paradise that is Costa Rica, your event will be as fun and exciting for your guests as it is for you.

Blissful not stressful

When your wedding is a vacation in and of itself, the stress level goes down by droves. Destination weddings, by nature, almost compel couples to let go and let the experts handle it all, but also the relaxed, tropical ambience of a rainforest resort like Los Sueños really gets the wedding party in a laid-back mood from day one. One Los Sueños Resort area wedding planner we spoke with said, “We’re kind of a one stop shop; instead of the wedding couple having to speak to florists, musicians, wedding officiants, and caterers, we take care of everything.” As a result, the couple can sit back, relax, get married, and work on nothing more stressful than their tan.

Quality over quantity 

Weddings can be exhausting for the happy couple, and often, they are so wiped out at the end of the day that they barely remember having any fun or connecting with their guests. Weddings at Los Sueños, especially when everyone is staying at the resort, provide for plenty of bonding time, and memory making, within the entire wedding party. In one Mintel U.S. weddings report, experts said, “One reason destination weddings are popular is because they allow the bride and groom more opportunity to truly interact with their guests over a longer event.”

Destination weddings at Los Sueños Resort save money

On average, couples save nearly $2,500 when they get married away, rather than on the home-front. Even better, June (traditional wedding month) is green season in Costa Rica. Everything is more lush and beautiful and everything is also less expensive.   With so many reasons to plan your wedding away from home, who wouldn’t want to plan a destination wedding at Los Sueños Resort, Costa Rica? For more information about having your beautiful wedding at Los Sueños, reach out to HRG’s event experts today. Regardless of whether its last minute (just the two of you), or a year away with the whole gang, we can help you have the wedding and vacation of your dreams.