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5 Nov 2018
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Costa Rica Real Estate

Many foreigners turn their eyes to Costa Rica when it comes time to retire, and an important number of tourists fall in love with the beauties the country has to offer and choose to make it their permanent or second home.

Prices of real estate in Costa Rica are quite reasonable in comparison to the United States and Canada, and therefore, living in a luxury community is actually affordable. Certainly, location is the first thing you think about when buying real estate, but there are many other things to consider when buying real estate in a foreign country.  Protecting your investment is very important, getting the help and assessment of renown and trustworthy professionals is key to eliminating the possibility of a bad experience, including fraud.

Los Sueños Resort & Marina is one of the best real estate investments in Costa Rica, not only is the location convenient and privileged, but it is one of the most exclusive coastal communities not just in Costa Rica but in Latin America and the Caribbean, where you know your investment will be safe and gaining value year after year.

5 reasons Los Sueños Is one of the best real estate investments in Costa Rica include:

Location: Let’s start with the basics. Costa Rica is just a short flight away from North America and Los Sueños is in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, just an hour away from the main international airport and close to some of the most popular and beautiful beaches and National Parks on the Pacific coast.  

Fee Simple Title: No games and no complications. Buying at Los Sueños you become the direct owner of the property immediately; whether you choose to move to Costa Rica permanently or use the residence as a second home and rent it out while you are away. Your house, your rules.

Hassle-Free Maintenance: There are several options for  buying real estate in Los Sueños Resort & Marina, Mike Hardy and his team at HRG Vacations is the preferred alternative, they have decades  of experience specializing in handling properties within these communities and therefore have the finest listing at competitive prices, they know the community intimately and offer additional services  such as property management, a very convenient alternative when you have your second home in Costa Rica. HRG will handle all the maintenance for your new property and provide you with high quality professional service.

Property Management and Rental Service: If you buy real estate in Costa Rica for investment only or to use it as your second home and want to make the most out of your investment in Los Sueños, HRG can also help you manage your property and rent it out during the months you are not making use of it. Due to its many advantages, there is always great demand to rent a home in Los Sueños, but property owners usually don’t have the time or want to deal with the hassle of screening clients, and the logistics involved in the process. HRG eliminates the headache and handles everything for you so that you can just sit back and enjoy your property making money for you.

Amenities: Los Sueños Resort and Marina offers world-class amenities. Make the best of the world class marina, enjoy the golf course, watch your children play and enjoy a sunny day at the private beach club, have a delicious meal at one of the unique restaurants, all these perks in one place. Los Sueños also offers a variety of different services such as medical clinic, spa, pharmacy, convenience store, catering service, among others.

When you buy real estate in Los Sueños you know your investment is safe and handling your property through professionals such as HRG will ensure you make the most of it.