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19 Feb 2020
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Costa Rica Real Estate

The crude winter that hits North America and Europe makes many people think of the possibility of buying real estate in Costa Rica, a tropical paradise where the average annual temperature ranges between 70 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is just one of the many reasons that year after year people from all around the world choose to invest in property in this Central American country.  Stunning beaches and amazing lush forests that provide wonderful scenarios and some of the world´s most beautiful sunsets; friendly people, and, a peaceful country that offers access to modern world commodities but can also take you away from the day to day rush and take you into the sounds of nature.  Costa Rica continues to top the lists as one of the best countries to retire, and it´s not by chance.

If you are considering buying real estate in Costa Rica, let us offer you 4 easy steps that can make this journey a lot simpler

  1. Find a Good Real Estate Agent: It is important to consider that buying real estate in a foreign country can be overwhelming without the proper guidance from a real estate agent. A good agent can not only open your eyes to many different possibilities you may have not taken into account but they will also be able to offer insights on the pros and cons of buying in a particular area, the right price for a property, and the best way to manage it.  Agents such as HRG Properties and Rentals and Palms Realty Costa Rica have proven over the years to be experts throughout the country.
  1. Location, Location, Location: Yes, this is always one of the main things to take into account, Costa Rica has several expat communities that are worth looking into, but when you are ready to invest you should always take your time to explore the area where you are buying if you want to really secure your investment.  For example, buying property in a gated luxury beach community such as Los Sueños is a win-win alternative, you will guarantee your investment and its high demand area, and is ideal if you want to rent it out. 
  1. Experienced and Reliable Attorney: If a good real estate agent is important and necessary, so is an experienced trustworthy attorney. You often hear about scams and problems people have encountered when buying property in a foreign country. Investing in real estate can be an enjoyable and smooth experience that will bring you a positive financial outcome or it can turn into a nightmare.  If you are looking for a recommendation on a trustworthy bilingual real estate attorney in Costa Rica feel free to reach out to HRG Properties and Rentals for guidance.
  1. Take Your Time on Home Inspections: Home inspections are many times tedious, but they are a must if you don´t want those bad surprises later. Take your time to go through the property you are interested in.  HRG Properties and Rentals will provide you with a list of licensed home inspectors that will assist you throughout the entire process.  Most importantly, be as thorough as possible.