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25 Feb 2018
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Adventures & Tours

When North American schools start their spring break season, weather conditions in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica tend to be gorgeous: clear blue skies, plenty of sunshine, virtually no chance of rain, and a cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean. If your spring break plans include booking a Los Sueños vacation rental for a few days, here are ten ideas for you to consider during your visit:

Spa Services at Los Sueños

The Sibö Rainforest Spa and Retreat is becoming one of the most popular amenities at Los Sueños. Sibö enjoys stellar TripAdvisor reviews as a place where you can experience massage therapy, beauty treatments, fitness lessons, and more. If you wish to return home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, you should treat yourself to the holistic services Sibö Spa has to offer.

La Iguana Golf Academy

Golfing in the Costa Rica rainforest is an experience that you will only find at La Iguana, the premier golf course of Los Sueños. Don’t worry if you are new to the game of golf; the instructors at La Iguana will be happy to work with you during your spring break vacation. At La Iguana Golf Academy, special lessons are offered for ladies, children and families. There’s also futgolf, a clever combination of soccer and golfing skills that can be enjoyed by the entire family.


You can enjoy some of the best surf breaks in the world while staying at Los Sueños Resort. Quite a few surf schools and instructors will be happy to introduce you to this sport. If you are a seasoned surfer looking for technical breaks, nearby Jaco Beach will certainly challenge you. If long rights are your kind of action, you will find them south of Los Sueños in Playa Hermosa.

Deep Sea Fishing

Los Sueños Resort and Marina is known for two things: luxury indulgence and sport fishing. Seasoned anglers have more than likely heard the respected fishing charter fleets of Los Sueños. which are considered to be the best in Central America.

Zip-Line Tours

Costa Rica is blessed with abundant wildlife that begs to be discovered by means of forest canopy and zip-line tours. You don’t have to travel far from Los Sueños to get really close to arboreal creatures; ask the concierge staff to arrange a zip-line tour for you and your travel companions.

Isla Tortuga

Approaching this island from a Los Sueños yacht will make you feel like a visitor to Jurassic World. As its name suggests, Turtle Island is a prime nesting spot for marine turtles, and it is crisscrossed by numerous hiking trails that beg to be explored.

Birdwatching Tours

Residents of Costa Rica love tourists who are into birdwatching because these are visitors who are known to be deeply respectful of nature. Being introduced to birdwatching during your spring break vacation at Los Sueños could very well be the beginning of a lifelong passion.

Horseback Riding Tours

Of all the different ways to explore Costa Rica, one of the best is to do it on horseback. Quite a few tour operators will provide their services to guests and residents of Los Sueños. Imagine riding through the forest and coming up to a waterfall for a picnic lunch; this could be the highlight of your spring break vacation.

Relaxing at Los Sueños

There is no rule book requiring spring break vacations to be active. If your idea of a perfect spring break mostly involves relaxing by the pool and enjoying the beach, the luxurious private beach club at Los Sueños is exactly what you need.

Planning Your Future

Quite a few vacationers whose first experience at Los Sueños was a condo or villa rental have decided to become seasonal or permanent residents. If the Costa Rica resort lifestyle is something that enters your mind as you enjoy your spring break vacation, you can always inquire about real estate opportunities in this unique community.