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8 Jul 2016
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Costa Rica is known for its beautiful shorelines, and for its game fishing, scuba diving and surfing opportunities. However, the country is not all about salt water. Parts of Costa Rica receive up to 300 inches of rain in any given year, and dozens of rivers and streams course across the interior rainforest, cutting through lush jungle vegetation and winding around spectacular mountain, forest and jungle landscapes.

Costa Rica’s rivers have much to offer the sightseer. During the rainy season, they become rushing rapids that beckon daring travelers for a rafting adventure. There are rapids for every skill level, from beginners to those looking for a hard-core adventure.

Those looking for a more low-key way to enjoy Costa Rica’s rivers won’t be disappointed. They can coast along on gentle currents on a one-of-a-kind wildlife tour, where they can see everything from capuchin monkeys to crocodiles. Or, they can simply enjoy the scenery from the safety of the river bank.

Where there are rivers and mountains, there are waterfalls, and Costa Rica lays claim to some of the world’s most incredible falls. From thundering giants that draw visitors from around the world, to clandestine cascades that can only be seen after a trek through the jungle landscape, there are falls of all types to be enjoyed here.


The Celeste waterfall is always a spectacular site. The waterfall cascades into a luminous baby blue pool, the color of which is caused by a combination of naturally occurring chemicals. Every so often, lucky visitors catch the falls when they themselves turn a vibrant, glowing shade of blue.

La Fortuna

This waterfall is a popular, well-traveled site, and for good reason. It cascades nearly 230 feet in a perfectly picturesque setting, and ends into a pol just perfect for swimming.

El Chorro

Those willing to take the three or four hour hike — or a pleasant hour-long horseback ride – up a secluded canyon will be treated to the sight of these majestic falls, which tumble gracefully from impossible heights into the Pacific Ocean. A freshwater lagoon sits just at the bottom of the falls, which is popular for swimming.


If you are up for a trek through exhilarating cloud forests and across lofty suspension bridges, then you will be rewarded with the sight of the Savegre Falls. These falls fall 100 feet into a crystal-clear pool, and are nestled against a background of rolling hills and wildflowers.


Visitors to these falls are in for a treat – these falls create a two-tiered cascade effect, which tumble into a sparkling crystal pool. The falls are located on private property, but can be visited by the public on horseback. Intrepid visitors can dive from steep ledges into the pool, while those looking for a little relaxation can just take a dip in the cool fresh water. .