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Times: Open.

Brief Description: Named after the Huetar word for crocodile, this national park is home to several ecosystems such as marshlands, lagoons, and gallery forests. Established in 1998, Carara is a favorite destination for bird watchers due to its immense amount of primary rain forest. It is also home to one of the largest populations of Scarlet Macaws in Costa Rica. Another reason why Carara is special is that it lies directly in the transition zone between the tropical dry rainforest and tropical rainforest. This mesh of two habitats means flora and fauna from both live in one area, making it an extremely biologically rich zone. Due to the humidity and abundance of trees, there are a lot of insects in this area and in turn, many birds since there is so much food. This national park is 20 square miles and it protects the river basin of the Rio Tárcoles. At one of the stations, you can even catch a glimpse of a crocodile during rainy season.

What to bring: Camera and bug-spray.

What to wear: Comfortable shoes and clothes, sunscreen.

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