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A Golf Tournament by Night + Superbowl Sunday in Los Sueños, Costa Rica; it just doesn’t get much better then this!

The 18-hole championship La Iguana Golf Course in Costa Rica offers a par-72, Ted Robinson-designed layout and is situated alongside an exotic rain forest with breathtaking ocean views. The course at our Los Sueños resort also features a spectacular gallery featuring friendly monkeys and brightly hued macaws. Be sure to join the annual La Iguana Invitational, set this year for February 1, 2020. With an 11:00am shotgun and day into night golfing, the format is a three player team scramble for up to 60 teams.

La Iguana Golf Course Saturday, February 1, 2020

Scramble Team for the Day / Alternating Shots for the Night

Three players will hit a tee shot as a team. Then the best-positioned tee shot will be chosen. All other players will place their ball within six (6) inches of where the selected ball lies (but no closer to the hole). The player who was chosen from the tee shot cannot hit the second shot ( Step aside), the other two players will hit it, the same way for the chosen player's ball in the second shot does not participate in third and continuous the same format until the team reach the green, where you can play all. Each player must contribute a minimum of 4 tee-shots including par three. All shots must be played from the same surface conditions. (If the ball selected is in the rough, sand trap or hazard, all shots must remain in that lie.). If your team is short a player, the remaining two players will play a second ball in rotation. (Example: Player will play a second ball from 1-9; player will play a second ball from 10-18

Use: The team handicap will be 10% of the sum of the three players' handicaps. IF A PLAYER HAS NO OFFICIAL HANDICAP will be assigned 0. Only for the day event


• Player 1 handicap 8
• Player 2 handicap 14
• Player 3 handicap 18
Sum 8 +14 +18 = 40 X 10% = 4 (this will be the team handicap)

All men will play from the Blue Iguanas. All ladies will play from the Red Iguanas

R&A rules govern the play.
White stakes, white lines and white paint on cart paths mark out of bounds. White lines mark ground under repair.
Yellow lines, yellow paint on cart paths and yellow stakes define frontal hazards. Red lines, red paint on cart paths and red stakes define lateral hazards.

All yard markers are measured to the center of the green.

The teams must record the gross score on the score card after finishing each hole. There is only one score per hole. After completion of the 18-hole daytime scramble, the top 25 teams will then compete in a five-hole night tournament using an alternating-shot format. Every team must have the three players from the day event to compete at night. The top three teams (counting the day score and night score) will receive prizes. No handicap Applied at the night golf

Based on pin placement sheet.

All ties will be decided by a team playoff beginning with the 18th hole for both the day and night tournaments.

José Quesada.



Tees: Rules:

Yardage: Scoring:

Pin location: Ties:

Rules Committee:

Please return all scorecards to the scoring area immediately upon completion of play.



02/01/2020 - 11:00am
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